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New to 66+? Heres some tips on getting started!

 Since i see many many questions about these topics i thought i would answer some important inquiries. Here are a few starter tips I have gathered mainly from annoying the shit out of my legion with questions.

•LEVELING - first i want to mention how to get berdins amulets. These give 100% xp gain from monsters for 1 hour and are very easy to get. First create a character on the same account and server as your main character. At the first town you run into in poeta there is a pink quest that asks you to get a pilt headband in exchange for 3 of these berdins amulets. Simply buy it from the Black Cloud Marketplace for 0 nccoin, yes 0, and turn it in for three 100% xp amulets. Now, all you have to do is transfer these to your main through the warehouse, which will require you to get to sanctum. Continue leveling until level 9 when you get the "Ascension" quest, after that quest you will be in sanctum and can transfer it over. This whole process can be repeated infinite times and normally takes me around 20 minutes. I highly recommend you use these with your 2 daily Fissure of Oblivion runs, as they take about 30 minutes each.

-Fissure of Oblivion If you dont know what this is, you need to know. Single best source of xp I have been able to find by a large margin. You are given 2 entrances a day, my suggestion is to use your double xp and kill EVERYTHING except the last boss as he is fairly difficult and gives you nothing worthwhile for the time he takes. You can easily kill everything within 25 minutes each run and is the best bang for buck from your XP amulet. The 3 big fat mini bosses alone give 70mil each xp on double. Its pretty straight forward, i use the fire transform to kill normal groups, and whatever fatty type is, use the counter transform. If you dont know which transform to use, type in fissure of oblivion on youtube and it will show you.

-lluma 100m xp dailies Ever see a group LFM lluma 100m xp? or Primordial dailys and wonder what it is? Yeah i did for a while to. There are 4 quests on a bulletin board in town that give 22m or so exp each. Pick these up, join a group. These require you to kill 3 elite type monsters each from the 4 surrounding camps. If you are level 66-69 you will have a pretty hard time hitting these monsters as they are level 74/75 but if you are lucky enough to have some group members carry you, this is another decent source of xp.

-luna cube Taki's missions. The moon looking icon close to your minimap is the entry for these. One is a weekly and one is a daily. They give you xp at the very end, not a ton but still a decent enough chunk to make these worth doing daily, along with the extra rewards they give. They are very easy, you can honestly AFK the daily one and still get an A. I usually do this when i shower every day (takes about 10 minutes).

Doing these every day will catch you up pretty fast, I am a filthy casual and work full time so i usually only have time for these daily for leveling. If you want faster you can always do other quests, or simply grind mobs. Uber fast would be buying fissure of oblivion reset scrolls and running it over and over on bonus xp.

•PVP GEARING -The tiers here for armor seem to be - Blood Mark - Blood Medal - Arena - (new 5.3 AP gear?) -for accessories - Blood Mark - IDL - Boundless - (new 5.3 AP gear?) I left out lvl 65 AP gear on purpose. It is still very good, 2 star armor is i think slightly better than blood medal, and 4 star accessories are slightly better then IDL, but if you have these you are probably not a beginner. 5.3 is bringing new lvl 75 AP gear that is sure to be good for pvp.

-ABUSE EVENTS. Now, probably the most effective way for a beginner to gear decently, quickly, is to abuse events. Most if not all of them give blood marks and blood medals very commonly. Different events have different ways of farming the event items, but most of the time it involves just running easy dungeons. It took me 1 week to get an entire blood medal set simply by opening snowballs and selling everything I got from them. I bought up +7 snowballs (which had a 100% chance to give you either blood marks or blood medals) and opened them, I sold anything extra I got from them, and if they upgraded to +10 then I sold the +10 snowball. I usually broke even, but if not then I farmed a few dungeons to get more snowballs etc etc. Now, this is an example of 1 event, but a majority of the events have the same capabilities, and figuring out the most efficient way, is up to you. This can quickly net you a blood medal set which is a very good starter set.

-Armor/Weapon grind. The easiest way to grind blood marks is to do all the weekly quests in the upper abyss. These can be done in a few hours and net you around 250 if I remember correctly blood marks. On top of that, most of the dungeons will also give blood marks, Linkgate foundry is one of the quickest, and easy solo dungeon that you can do for blood marks and ancient coins, do it daily. Blood medals take a very long time to grind out with quests, really the best way to get them is to abuse events. You can get blood mark gear, and then upgrade it to blood medal later once you get enough.

-Arenas are in the kaisenal academy accessible through sanctum. You can do each arena(1v1, a 3v3, and a 8 person FFA) 5 times each a week. Do these every week and try to win. The better you do the more valor insignias you get, which are used to buy the arena gear. You also get a good amount of GP from these.

-Arena gear much better than blood medal? Arena gear is better mainly because you can put archdaeva manastones in it. I am pretty sure +5 or above archdaeva manastones will come out well on top of the old ones for every class, but they get hella expensive. Good luck with +9's or even +7's. Arena gear, like all other archdaeva gear, although easy to pass upgrades, will BREAK if you fail an upgrade. I have yolo upgraded with normal enchant stones, and out of 4 pieces 2 of them made it to +10 and the other 2 broke at around +5. I suggest slowly working on this set, as a good one wont come quickly unless you shell out a lot of cash.

-Accessories I suggest pick up BM accessories until you can afford IDL accessories. you should be running IDL(idgel dome landmark) twice a day. Try and find a good group, but they can be pretty picky and you may have to pug it and hope to god you match against worse people. You have a chance to get IDL accessories from the winners box here. Boundless are insanely expensive right now and as far as I know only come from the current event so AP accessories/IDL are currently very good.

•PVE GEARING -Archdaevas ancient coin gear is really the staple PVE gear, and fairly cheap to get. I honestly PVE in my PVP gear and havent bothered with an ancient coin set, but farming dungeons like linkgate foundry and some daily/weekly quests will net you a decent amount of ancient coins. Remember that this gear will break if you fail an enchantment. Wish I could help here but I really dont PVE much besides the normal EB/IS for glory etc. But the ancient coin gear is good enough to get you in mostly everywhere. The newer high end 5.0 dungeons that give better gear are fairly hard from what i've heard and require you to be higher level. I have not done any of these and have no information on them, sorry.


-Enchantment stones. The normal enchantment stones are pretty cheap, and can be used to easily +10 your blood mark, or +15 your blood medal gear. +10 to +15 is a bit annoying, but depending on your funds, atleast get it to +10. Omega enchantment stones have a higher chance, and good critical success chance, but cost a lot more. I suggest only using omegas on archdaeva gear as it is really easy and cheaper to +10 the other ones with normal enchant stones.

-Manastones The old enchantment stones (+28 MB) etc are pretty cheap now and will work well in your blood mark and blood medal gear. The new stones (Knowledge +7) etc are very expensive but also very good, and can be put in any archdaeva gear. If you have a full set of +9's, you will probably be a god in pvp.

-Tempering Tempering is very good for pvp, but also very expensive. I suggest not tempering blood mark accessories but waiting until you have atleast IDL to temper. Using temporing solutions (mainly found from events and rarely from bosses) these are used to upgrade your accessories. Each upgrade gives 0.5% - 0.7% pvp attack or defense depending on the type. Each item can be upgraded as high as +7? I think is the highest I have seen. Also very expensive, but at +7 rocking a 3.5% boost per item gives you a solid boost.

-Plume Your plume gives you main stat (attack/crit/MB/MA) and HP and is upgraded with temporing solutions. I really don't know when you should be upgrading this over your gear, but I currently have a +5 because I was able to buy it really cheap. If you can get a +10 and morph it to the gold plume, you are much richer than me.

-Conditioning Conditioning for your blood medal/arena/archdaeva gear requires Kinah, for a temporary boost to your stats. The boost decays as you use the items in combat (much like a durability system in most games) and need to be payed to recharge them again. These give a large amount of stats and are basically required for pvp. Think about it like durability and repairing your gear. If you dont want to waste the conditioning, as it can get pretty expensive, have other gear to swap to when you dont need to use your better gear.

MEEEEEEEE! I have been back for about a month now as of writing this. Starting as a fresh level 65 with basically no gear and 0 gp. I am now almost 2 star officer, and 10% away from level 70. I am using full blood medal +13 to +15 armor, and one piece of arena armor +10 with +5 knowledge stones. My accessories are all IDL and +1 tempored. I am currently working on temporing my accessories, and trying to raise my rank while accumulating AP and medals preparing for 5.3. I work more than full time so I dont play all day, I mainly to dailies/weeklies and then farm events. I am by no means an expert on any of this, and I would say my gear is average at best. There are many more things out there that I have not wrote about here, but this is a good start for anyone questioning on where to go after 65.

If you have any questions you can message me ingame beritra elyos - trickslol

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