Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dredgion Defense and Arena of Tenacity Preview

Dredgion Defense

With the reawakening of the Tower of Eternity, the Aetheric field around Atreia has started to weaken. From her slumber deep within the Abyss, Ereshkigal sensed this weakness, and has dispatched an elite fleet of Dredgions to the capital cities in an act unheard of since before the Cataclysm. Work together with your fellow Daevas to protect your home!

Every Sunday after the update, Archdaevas will be able to queue for the Dredgion Defense for Sanctum and Pandemonium. The first 384 players to queue will be teleported into the starting area in their faction’s capital city. Regardless if the Dredgion Defense is full or not, the instance will start after a few minutes. The goal of the Defense is to earn as many points as possible by stopping the invading forces.

Players must work together and focus on several objectives simultaneously to defend their city. Ranks are awarded after defeating the boss, Zedas, followed by a direct assault on the Dredgion flagship for extra rewards. The difficulty of this final phase is determined by your score in the defense. Successful defenses will awards all players that participated in the instance with materials, consumables, and new equipment.

Arena of Tenacity

Archdaevas can enter the Arena of Tenacity, a new tournament-format Arena. Up to 32 players can join each instance of the Arena, and will be put head-to-head in a 1v1, single-elimination tournament (multiple tournaments can run simultaneously). Players will be moved to the Crucible of Tenacity first, and will be automatically seeded for matches. In the Crucible, there are various NPCs and players can also spectate other matches while waiting for your turn. Spectator mode is only available from within the instance. Victory allows you to continue to fight the next opponent, and defeat will eject you from the Arena.

Each match excluding the finals is a timed best-of-three contest, with the first player to score two points moving to the next round. The finals match is a best-of-five, where the first to three points wins. Points are earned by killing your opponent, but if the time limit runs out while the players are tied in points, a two minute sudden death round will begin. If the players are both still alive after that, then the player who dealt more damage will win. Rewards will be given based on how far you advance in the tournament, with the winner receiving the most fabulous prizes!

The Arena of Tenacity will have seasons lasting for nine weeks, followed by a one week break. Every Arena of Tenacity tournament you participate in will count towards your ranking for the season, and when the season ends you will be given rewards of Kinah, AP, and GP based on your final placement.

Aion 5.3 is coming soon. Stay tuned for more information and our release date announcement next week!

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