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1v1 PVP tips and tricks - sorc view

Disclaimer: I am no pro, I am not claiming to be good, but I have done well so far in the rankings. Ncsoft forums are poopy, I can't even log in, and it was near impossible to find relevant information as a returning player. I love the pvp in this game, there are many little intricacies that make it fun, but can totally turn off a newer player getting slaughtered constantly. I encourage any veterans to give out some advice, and hopefully bring some players back from the dead.

Before I break down strategy for each matchup, I can not stress the importance of sorcs having a naked equipment set. The ability for us to sleep someone, and then full heal is invaluable to every single matchup. Once you have a naked set, when you are low hp ---> equip naked set ----> health pot -------> equip main set. This is why it is important: Lets say you have 20k max HP (I know thats a lot) to make it easy. You just got face smashed and now you are at 10k HP out of 20k max. If you were to use A health pot, or combination of health pots that healed 3.5k HP you would then be at 13.5k out of 20k. Now, if you switch to naked set before health potting, you will be at 3.5k out of 7k max hp, health potting will bring you to 7k out of 7k, then swapping back your normal gear, you will then be 20k out of 20k. See the difference? only takes half a second. I have had people spam me with hacker hacker hacker for doing this, don't be dumb please. Alright, tips for each matchup below.


You are a sorc, you know what they do, however the biggest tip I can give you is CLICKING OFF STONE SKIN. Who sleeps/silences who first in this matchup is critical, small tricks for tenacity to make them waste their sleep cooldowns are for example jumping behind a pillar as hes casting sleep storm, takes his cooldown and he will lose a lot of time just running over to you. Ok, clicking off stone skin, so lets say you messed up, he got you in a full sleep/tree. You know he will try to bury silence next. If you have stone skin on and dont click it off, most likely you are gonna get buried, nuked, gg. Stone skin PREVENTS damage from breaking your sleep = bad for you. If you have stone skin on, you are slept, watch for them to cast ice chain/flame fusion etc, and right click remove your stone skin as they cast it. This will break the sleep and give you a moment to escape/terraform/change gear/ whatever you need to do to live.


Unwavering Devotion (lasts 1:30 min), and Strengthen Wings(lasts 1 minute) both 3 minute cooldown are the 2 buffs to watch for. Unwavering devotion makes them nearly immune to stuns, while strengthen wings removes roots/slows and makes them very resistant to any other roots and slow. Playing around these are the key to victory. You need to keep the Gladiator away from you, they can kill you VERY quickly, doesn't matter what gear you are using. Many of them will run at you with atleast unwavering devotion on, and if you root them, most likely will use strengthen wings pretty early. Your best bet is to try and sleep kite them through these debuffs, if you know what you are doing you can nuke them while chaining sleeps as if you stand in 1 spot nuking, you will lose. Remember your naked full healing as it can be a lifesaver here. With those debuffs down, you have the advantage, and should be able to kite/nuke them down. Wintry baiting is an option if you are stuck with no way to get away. Be careful though, wintry is only a 5 yard range and smart glads can root you and using an extendable can smack your face in while standing outside of wintry armor range. They can also just kill you through wintry if they have higher hp than you.


Similar to gladiators above, do not let them get to you as they will kill you quickly. They have less ability to charge to you but they have pull, and a decent amount of stuns. Remember, they can NOT PULL you if you have a shield up. This includes Thick shield, the 5 minute small shield cooldown that you may not use often otherwise. Watch out for AETHER ARMOR. It is a buff that will give them 800 MR for 30 seconds. Your best bet is to use supp of focus when they use this as it will totally cancel the effect. If they have more MR than you have MA normally, you will probably lose. Careful about nuking them with their damage reduction skills on or else it will take a longggggg time to kill them.


Oh boy, what a fun matchup.... I have tried a lot of different things here, including a strike resist set. There is no way to live for a very long time, the goal is to survive their initial damage. The best luck I have had is starting with my back to the wall waiting for the inevitable stun opener. You can try using meteorite etc to bring them out of stealth but don't count on it. This start is like a 5 second chess matchup, you need to use your defensive cooldowns quickly, Iron clad/illusion etc. Pop all their evades with either auto attack or something like erosion when you see the buff on them. If you can tank enough to get them in a stun/sleep etc, you have an opportunity to nuke and kill them. Getting them in a sleep before you die is the hardest part. Wintry bait is definitely an option, they attack so fast they may take some heavy damage before noticing it. Don't use wintry at 10% HP and expect to live though, I see that so often and they will just kill you through it anyway.


Another iffy one but definitely winnable. Focused evasion evades 1. Nature something? forget the skill name, blocks 2 attacks. If you can pop those early, while maintaining decently high HP then you should be free to tree/stun nuke away and win this. Remember for them to do high damage they need to be fairly close to you, if you can keep a long distance then it will mitigate some damage. Tenacity, use the pillars as they will probably silence bury you early. If you are on the wide open sand arena map in discipline, and they are competent, you get silenced, and you will die in that silence, sorry. Again wintry bait is an option, but I would not recommend it because if you jump at them within 5 yards with wintry on, they will probably sleep trap you, bury silence, and youre dead.


Do your hardest not to get fearlocked, or if you know hes about to get a fear off, try and run behind a pillar. I have been fairly successful opening with absolute zero and then immediately running behind the pillar. If they remove shock/instant fear then you will hopefully be behind the pillar and they wasted fear time. If they don't remove shock, go back out and que up a sleep for when it ends. Bury silence and nuke off of it much like a sorc matchup. We can bury silence easier/faster than they can. Try not to get get fear locked without something like elemental ward up, or save terraform for right after it. You can try switching to robe of cold for the extra MSUPP if you have no other options, but I really hate robe of cold for breaking every CC ive ever tried to use while its on. Watch out for their pet bodyguard etc etc, if you can pillar hump enough fears you can turn bad fights in your favor.


Not much to say here, bury silence nuke etc. Use supp of focus when they have no cooldowns you should be good. If they are trying to kill you, try to bait out their remove shock, and then catch them with a stun when they are in their MB set/pop focus to follow up if not dead as surely they will switch back MR set.


Similar strategy to glads, except they have range stuns on lowish cooldowns. Keep them away or you will get stunned to death quickly. I honestly don't know too much about chanter cooldowns and stigmas except the one that reduces the damage they receive in half. They have 2 remove shocks so watch out for that, but other than that kite nuke kite nuke.


Don't let them bury silence or you will probably die. Pot off the silence, watch for their magic evades, and keep them at a distance. They have a fairly hard time closing the gap on you so don't give them the opportunity. If they jump out of their bastion to full heal, there is a 10 second cooldown before they can get back in. They are very weak in those 10 seconds.



SW will have either the autumn or summer buff, and it completely changes how we fight them. This is how i've found some success fighting each.

Autumn: This one makes them very resistant to silences. Use sleep/tree often to start up your nukes. You can try to bury silence but it will probably be resisted. Freestyle is the cast dance that they can use long range. Try not to get caught in it, or jump behind pillar when they are casting. They have another insta cast dance that hits people close range around them. Often when they are running at you they are gonna use this, if you time blind leap correctly you can port away at the same time and watch them waste their dance. With pots you should be able to live their burst with some luck. Tree/heal nuke etc. Autumn matches sometimes got a lot longer as I play a bit more defensively, possibly waiting till a silence finally lands to finish them. a good SW can ripple your tree/sleeps and totally cuck you, good luck with that. Watch out for a debuff they put on you called staggered rest. I save illusion for this. This is a debuff that stays on you for 8 seconds, when it expires you will be paralyzed for like 5 seconds or something. Use illusion to remove this if you can. They may chain it off of freestyle and gg rip your life.

Summer: This makes them very resistant to sleeps. I usually play this one very offensive with nukes/stuns while still trying to avoid the dances. You can open with stuns and trying to bury silences, often they will dispel or pot of silence, pewpew away till silence off cooldown. If you've avoided the short range dance, you can charge at them with wintry on and use wintry/freezing wind to try and finish them quickly. This fight is usually a lot faster, but I feel like I am more successful in this matchup, maybe they aren't expecting it idk. If they react quickly with dispels etc, this can be a really hard matchup.


Honestly, I have no friggin idea. I get silenced and die. Luckily they aren't too popular and I haven't fought many, but I dont have many to practice with either. If anyone has tips holla at a brother cuz I either blow them up quickly or im dead in 2 seconds.

Anyway, #makesorcsgreatagain if anyone has some tips, or knows how to beat good gunslingers hit me up. Hopefully this helps some people because all the time I see sorcs spamming all their stuns and roots on glads with unwavering/str. wings on, they blind leap back for no reason, get anklesnared and die in a few seconds, then they go "WOW SO PAY TO WIN, GLADS ARE EZ MODE SORCS SUCK UR HACKER LOL" when really, just bad play hehe.

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