Tuesday, October 24, 2017

AR and VR technologies both create an enhanced experience

What is AR and VR?
By now everybody has heard about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), both exciting new technologies. VR is defined as a three-dimensional environment generated by a computer and this environment can be interacted with and explored. The person will become part of the virtual environment and becomes immersed in it. In this environment the person is able to not only manipulate the objects in the environment but also able to execute actions.

The word augment means to add to something and AR is something that is added to the world such as graphics, sound and touch feedback. Unlike VR where a person inhabits a virtual environment, AR makes use of the existing environment and overlays virtual information over it. With AR the virtual and real world exists side by side.

How do they function?
VR is accessed by means of a headset such as the Oculus Rift and is used mainly in two ways. In video gaming VR creates and enhances a gaming environment when used for gaming on consoles. It can also be used to watch 3D movies. VR is also used as a training tool to simulate real life environments allowing people to practice certain scenarios such as flight simulators for pilots or for real money gaming like that offered at Jackpot City NZ. VR is made possible by a technology which is known as Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and this creates a series of images and allows certain types of interactions and actions.

AR is used with applications on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and combines digital components with the real world and this enhances each component. AR is fast becoming popular and is also being used to display scores on sports games that are broadcasted. AR also makes it possible for 3D email notifications as well as alerts on mobile devices. There have also been developments in the tech industry with regard to holograms and motion activated commands.

AR and VR Combined
VR and AR can be used together; they do not necessarily work independently of one another. When used together they offer an immersive experience which is much better than when they operate independently. An example is vibration and sensation known as haptic feedback and when this is added to graphics it is augmentation. This is also used together with VR to make an environment more real by means of touch.

Both AR and VR give the user a high quality experience which is enhanced by both these technologies. With both of these technologies users are looking for a more immersive experience and in the past this type of technology was inconceivable, it is now something that users expect and look for. Virtual environments can be controlled and more enhanced interaction is a new capability. New technologies are constantly being developed and more and more products are finding their way to the virtual world.

When AR and VR are combined it is known as mixed reality (MR) also known as hybrid reality. This type of technology places a digital object into a real world environment and interacts with it using a pre-programmed scenario, such as creating holographic behaviour. MR makes use of sensors and optics which enable a user to interact with the physical and then act in a certain way.

Both of these technologies are used to enhance and create new environments allowing users an immersive experience and interaction with a simulated world or scenario.

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