Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Cloud Friday Sales Now Live

Black Cloud Trader Shugos thank Daevas for all their years of assistance. For a limited time, Shugos offer Daeva discounts-- Black Cloud Friday discounts.

From November 22 to 27, get deals on Luna, Berdin’s Lucky Stars, inventory expansion and more. Additional items will be added on Cyber Monday so don’t forget to check back then!

Black Friday – November 24 through November 28

Arcade Mega Pack

Price: 8000 Noin [Limit 2 per account]
·Arcade Tokens (x120)
·Tempering Solution (x10)
·Omega Enchanting Stone (x10)

Berdin’s Lucky Star Bundle

Price: 8000 NCoin
·Berdin’s Lucky Stars (x250)
·Turkish Kitty Pet Egg

Minion Bundle

Price: 2400 NCoin
·Cute Minion Contract (x2)
·Minium Box (x5) (contains 850-1250 Minium per box)

3 Star Bundle

Price: 80 NCoin [Limit 1 per account]
·[Event] Berdin’s Lucky Stars (x3)
·[Event] Berdin’s 50% Drop Boost Amulet (x3)
·Prestige Pass (1 Day) (x3)

·Special Platinum Luna Chest - Price: 8000 NCoin – 1250 Luna (250 Bonus)
·Special Gold Luna Chest - Price: 4000 NCoin – 600 Luna (100 Bonus)
·Special Silver Luna Chest - Price: 2400 NCoin – 350 Luna (50 Bonus)
·Special Wooden Luna Chest - Price: 1200 – 170 Luna (20 Bonus)
·Special Large Luna Bundle - Price: 400 – 55 Luna (5 Bonus)
·Special Small Luna Bundle - Price: 80 – 11 Luna (1 Bonus)

Storage & Inventory

Comfortable Camping Cabinet
·Price: 720 NCoin (50% discount)

Pleasant Camping Cabinet
·Price: 720 NCoin (50% discount)

Cube Expansion Coin x40
·Price: 1200 (50% discount)

Warehouse Expansion Card (IV)
·Price: 1000 (50% discount)

Cyber Monday – November 27

Fancy Cabinet Bundle

Price: 1400
·Cute Fungus Cabinet
·Shugo Butler’s Cabinet

Ailu Claw Egg (Permanent)

Price: 1200

Hair Change Tickets

Price: 320 NCoin

Available tickets are:
·[Hair Change Ticket] Layered
·[Hair Change Ticket] Wavy Two-Tone
·[Hair Change Ticket] Ponytail and Ribbon
·[Hair Change Ticket] Wavy Pigtails
·[Hair Change Ticket] Long and Straight

Note that the hair change tickets are faction sensitive. Be sure to purchase the one for your faction.

Discounted Costumes
·Wonderland Wardrobe –Price: 320 NCoin (50% discount)
·Wonderland Headband – Price: 120 NCoin (50% discount)
·The Hatter’s Madness – Price: 320 NCoin (50% discount)
·The Hatter’s Hat – Price: 120 NCoin (50% discount)
·Nyerkcarrier – Price: 320 NCoin (50% discount)

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