Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Keep Gaming On The Go

Gaming has cemented itself into our culture; the popular pastime is loved and played by millions across the globe. With strategically smart moves from the world of eSports and bold tournaments drawing more players annually, it’s a pastime that keeps gathering momentum, allowing the world of gaming to expand to new heights.

Starting as far back as TV games and developing into PC and console games, conventional gaming is immersive and interactive yet lacks the freedom of movement that can be found with portable gaming consoles.

Even though handheld gaming consoles lack superior graphics and intense game-play, there’s something to be said for portable gaming consoles as they bring you a world of entertainment on demand and on the go.

The following handheld consoles are the best portable gaming solutions available right now, if you travel often or find yourself strapped to the back of the car for a long haul journey one of these hand-holds may just make your journey that much more pleasant.

Get Portable With Sega
Sega has been a household name in the gaming department for some time now. Bringing players much loved classics like Sonic The Hedgehog; the new At Games Sega Portable is the perfect handheld gaming console for those ultra fun old school games.

At just 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick, The At Games Sega Portable can fit in just about any bag. Jump into a variety of new worlds and fascinating Sega titles for portable gaming excitement.

The Classics Come Back To Life With Wolsen
Featuring 152 classics, all the games and can be taken with you in the go, The Wolsen LCD Portable is a nifty little hand-held gaming device that packs a punch full of classic entertainment.

The games are reminiscent of old school favourites and the best part is that it will appeal to all members of the family. It’s also very affordable and extremely durable.

The Mini Arcade Portable Console
If you were a fan of arcades back in the day then you must have the iWaWa Arcade. It comes paced with dozens of classic arcade style games and offers small and compact versatility for young ones on the move.

Transform Your Mobile Into A Gaming Device
Smart phones have really revved up their processors, and developers are starting to take full advantage of this. As smart phones become the dominant way to take your complete lifestyle on the go with you, and to play the slots NZ has to offer anywhere, anytime, more and more people are going mobile.

The BD&A Power A Moga literally transforms your mobile device into a handheld gaming console complete with all the bells and whistles. Featuring console remote grips and two analogue sticks, the device will even charge your phone while you play.

If you’re in the market for one of these guys then you should be aware that they are currently only compatible with Android devices.

Keep It Real With The Vita

Sony’s PlayStation Vita will keep you coming back for more every time. Link it up with your PS4 and tickle your gaming fantasies with more than 1000 games to choose from.

The device offers players a pristine hand-held console with crisp graphics and a neatly arranged interface that is familiar and friendly if you’re a PlayStation fanatic. It’s the perfect on the go option for when you can’t be face planted in front of your console.

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