Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bad Games That Could Have Rocked

The video game industry is tricky, of that there is no question. Being expensive to make, time consuming to do right, and often subject to timelines, making a good game is no small task. In some cases, games are pushed out too early due to time constraints, leaving them unfinished. In other cases, due to meddling by a higher power, video games are altered from their original vision, leaving them awkward and broken.
Either way, the result is a mediocre, or even bad game, that could have been great, if given the proper treatment. Here are are disappointing, or bad games, that could have been good.
Sonic 06
Sonic 06 is often regarded as one of the most broken, disappointing games of all time. Released in an unforgivable state that reeked of being pushed out the door months sooner than it should have been, many fans were so let down that the game slipped into legend.
Of course, if the game had not been rushed out to meet a deadline, it could have been much better, probably even great. As it stands, however, Sonic 06 is bug riddled, and even tragically badly designed is some areas. Check out sonic standing upside down at the top most point of a loop, defying gravity. Why? Because the rushed developers desperately hoped no one would stop before the end of the loop. Unlike the slick, stylish online Blackjack NZ games, this one is so bad, it’s funny.
Assassin's Creed Unity
There was an era where big games took a serious hit, mostly due to the transition from one console generation to the next. Many big games, already in development, had to be desperately adjusted in order fit new generation specifications. The result was games slashed, downgraded, and messily readjusted. The most infamous, perhaps, was Assassin's Creed Unity.
The intention of the game was to wow audiences with next level technology, and blow minds with a massive step in graphical fidelity. In the case of Assassin's Creed Unity, however, the result was a game so broken it was depressing. Clearly the game had not been optimised correctly for the new generation of consoles, probably due to time constraints,  so the game not only ran badly, but also suffered from horrendous bugs. If given more time, the otherwise decent game could have been excellent.
Mass Effect: Andromeda
If doing research, one can find a troubled, messy development history for Mass Effect Andromeda. Apparently the game was in hell, due to the development team being forced to use a less than adequate game engine, simply as a way to give publicity to Electronic Arts. If this is or isn’t true, when the game released it suffered a number of glaring problems, the most notable being poor facial animations.
These technical shortfalls stole the show, quickly destroying a game that otherwise not so bad. If the development period of the game had been better handled, the game surely would have have been given a better reception, saving it from a horrible, undeserved death.

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