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Aion Online – Beginner’s Guide

Aion is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Fantasy-based video game by NCSoft and NC Interactive. In the article, you will find guides, items and general information about Aion video game. This is the perfect place if you’re getting started in the game. You just need to read the article and it will provide you with the basics that you will need to start your adventures in the world of Aion.

Character Creation

Before starting the game, you need to choose your character class and customize it using different parameters. In the game, you can change the appearance of your character in detail, or also can use the default character, completely depending on you. As the game start, you will notice a myriad of choices to select from, including random, default, and custom.


Battle in the game takes place in the stunning environment and will pit you and your companions against different brutal monsters and humanoids, as well as other strange beings. Selecting how to avoid or overcome the opponent can depend on the class you have chosen when navigating the world alone or in a form of the group with other players you have joined. The tactics in the game may vary by the situation, the same basic rules are used when choosing the target and starting the fight against enemies.


The game rewards you with wings at Level 10 when you ascent to a Daeva and can start to fly. The game introduces a variety of aspects to flight, which plays an important role in Combat, Travel, Crafting, and Quests. The flight meter is situated at the screen’s bottom to the left of the Mini-Map and will inform you all of the information about you need to know like limitations and controls.


Instanced Dungeons are the independent zones where you will face brutal monsters, from which you can accomplish challenging quests or acquire loot. According to the plot, an instance is only accessible by you and your group or alliance. The game two types instance such as Solo Instance and Group Instance.

Solo Instance: These Instances enable only a single player to get into at a time.

Group Instance: These Instances enable up to 12 players to get into at a time. Mostly Group Instance only enable for six players to get into.


Skills are the abilities and spells that your character can use while in combat, helping out other players in combat, or offering benefits and other temporary powers to you or your friends outside of combat.


The game introduces three different types of quests such as campaign quests, ordinary quests, and word orders. Ordinary quests need the player to accomplish a task to receive rewards, campaign quests mainly revolve around on the storyline, and are crucial for the player progression, while the work orders are used to increase the skill of the player in the selected profession.

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