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Welcome Back! Returning Player Guide for Aion: Awakened Legacy

Aion: Awakened Legacy has a world of changes in store, and if you’re returning to Aion to see what’s new, we’ve got you covered. To quickly resettle into Aion, this guide is an easy-to-use handbook on the important changes that may impact you the most once you’ve re-logged into the game, regardless of your level.


The leveling path for new and existing characters will be changing substantially. If you’re making a new character you will start off in either Ishalgen or Poeta and experience a new story that progresses through an Atreia changed by Ereskigal’s wrath. Take note that some of the zones that you remember may no longer be accessible! The Fast-Track server has also been removed.

If you’re a returning user from Aion: Echoes of Eternity, the difficulty in leveling has been substantially reduced and will feel closer to previous versions of Aion. The focus is to quickly get you to the end levels and content. Keep in mind that the level cap has now been increased to 80 as well.


Kinah and items as you know them are changing with the update. You will no longer be able to trade your Kinah to other players, or store it in your warehouse. A large number of items you’re familiar with will no longer be tradable or be able to be sold on the Trade Broker. However, items such as crafting materials, Manastones, skins, and more will still be able to be sold on the Trade Broker. Many everyday items, as well as some costumes and cosmetics, can be found at the new Golden Sand Traders shop.

After you log in, you may notice you have Gold Ingots, which were given to existing characters as part of the update due to economy and system changes. You can find more information about those changes here.

NCoin will also be replaced with the new Black Cloud Coin. Black Cloud Coin works the same as NCoin and even has the same value. For a limited time, you’ll be able to convert any NCoin you have (minimum of 10 NCoin required) into Black Cloud Coin after the update goes live. You can find more detailed information about Black Cloud Coin here.


With the update we will be introducing new grades of gear – Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate. This new type of gear replaces the old grades (however any gear you owned before will still have the old grades). This new gear is also split between PvE and PvP with each being earned in their own respective ways.

If you have heavily enchanted, end-game gear from the previous update, some of your current gear may be eligible to receive new gear automatically once the update is live. You can review the list of qualified items here. Completing the initial campaign quests in Lakrum will also provide you with new gear to get you started. The game difficulty has been balanced around the new gear, so switching over to new gear should be a high priority.

Manastones and Enchantment Stones

Manastones will function the same as they always have, however each piece of gear will now have up to three unlockable Manastone slots. Manastone Fasteners can be used for unlocking these slots and are earned throughout various aspects of the game, but most often via equipment extraction.

Enchanting is changing as well. Each piece of gear will now be marked as either PvE or PvP, and there’s new Enchantment Stones for each type. PvE Enchantment Stones will be obtainable through instances and drops or you can purchase them at either the Gold Sand Traders or Black Cloud Marketplace; while PvP Enchantment Stones can be found by testing your mettle in sieges, PvP Instances, and other PvP content.


Because of the large number of system changes and various other adjustments, many items you are familiar with will no longer be usable after the update. This large list of items includes many of the stat boosting scrolls, some consumables, old medals, and lots more. If you are in possession of any of these items upon logging into the game, you will be automatically prompted to sell them for Kinah or AP (depending on the item), which will result in them being removed from your inventory.


Sieges will no longer use the Coalition system and return to the usage of Contribution. Players will need to do their own recruiting for sieges so keep an eye on LFG for recruiting Leagues! The only two sieges will be Divine Fortress and the all-new Lakrum Fortress.


If you are returning to Atreia as an Archdeava, you will learn the bitter truth of what Ereshkigal has done.The Archdaeva advancement and related systems, such as Essence Points, Essence Cores, and Archdaeva Transformation systems, have been removed. Any Essence Cores you have above enchantment level 5 will be exchanged for Gold Ingots. Additionally, Archdaeva equipment that had a recommended level has been changed into normal equipment with a hard level requirement.

New Systems

With all of these changes, you may be wondering what’s systems were added with the update. Aion: Awakened Legacy will introduce a new transformation system that will let you transform into a powerful being for a short period of time, as wella new Cubics system that will provide you an opportunity to give your character permanent stat boost.

Aion: Awakened Legacy opens its door on October 24!

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