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Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea – New Instances and Zone Updates

New Instances

Five new instance challenges await brave Daevas in Shadows Over Balaurea

Altar of Ascension

Prepare to venture into the Altar of Ascension! Immerse yourself in the obsidian-filled peaks of southern Demaha as you seek to foil a foul plot you’ve discovered. After Benirunerk’s betrayal, and with Stellin Industries labeled an enemy, you’ve investigated the numerous secret projects Stellin has worked on. Among them was a dossier labeled “Dragon Lord Ascension Plan,” with details on plans to awaken a new Dragon Lord. Do not allow this to happen!
The boss will randomly move around the map. Use a tracking item to determine its location and hunt it down!

The Red Cellar

Deep underneath Stellusia, there lies a secret arena where the spirits of the Apmaha are subjected to desecration by the Stellin. You must end this cruelty and destroy the apparatus that holds the spirits prisoner.
You can only enter this instance with a legion group.
You can bribe a Stellin employee near the start to get a useful item.
Save as many spirits as possible within the time limit to get the best loot!

Chaotic Vale

Inanna has vanished somewhere near the Chaotic Vale, the second entirely new instance coming to Aion with Shadows Over Balaurea. As the Elyos and Asmodians are locked in a bitter struggle, be the first to find her before time runs out. Stats in this instance will be fixed.

This instance moves in phases. If your team is bound to lose in one phase, try setting up for the next one in advance.
Matches last for 10 minutes, or until one team reaches a point threshold.

Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard)

Fiery challenges await you in this upgraded experience of Infernal Drakenspire Depths. Gather your most steadfast allies and traverse its familiar platforms as you tackle this extreme challenge!
Only the first two bosses will be available, for now. More will be added in future updates.

Unstable Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Mysticarium returns once again. You can find the entrance to its cobalt-lit halls spawning randomly near Jotun Lake in Crimson Katalam. Good luck!
To enter, you’ll need a Red Crystal Key. Earn key fragments from base battles in Crimson Katalam.

Zone Updates

Shadows Over Balaurea will bring an entirely new Balaurea region - with the difficulty now scaled to be suitable for level 76+, and a focus on open-world PvP.

(75 - 80) Inggison / Gelkmaros
While both zones will remain single faction, the forts located in these zones have been reactivated and can once again be used
Dredgions will now invade periodically, spawning powerful mechanical foes. Defeating these monsters may let you teleport onto the Dredgion itself, where you can overcome the ship’s forces, take down the captain, and earn rewards.
You can travel to the opposing faction’s zone through Silentera Canyon, or by using Rifts (limited-use portals which spawn on a set timer).

(80) Silentera Canyon
Silentera Canyon can still be used to travel between Inggison and Gelmaros, so expect some PvP encounters in this area.
Occasionally, the raid bosses Anuhart and Debilkarim will spawn in this area. Defeating them will award powerful Paragon equipment.

(80) Lakrum
Lakrum is being moved to the Battlefield server
Battlefield server zones can be reached via portals in Inggison or Gelkmaros
Players from all servers can play alongside one another in Battlefield server zones
As with Crimson Katalam and Crimson Danaria, playing in Lakrum will consume time from the Dimensional Hourglass
Lakrum Fortress has been deactivated and will no longer host sieges.
Lakrum will provide an entry point for new, or less-experienced PvP players.
Expect rewards in Lakrum to be modest compared to the other, more advanced PvP areas.

(80) Demaha
Demaha is also being moved to the Battlefield Server and will be intended for groups and legions to participate in large-scale PvP.
Mining Camps have been added throughout the zone. Claim their drills for your legion by using a Miner Imprint Stone (purchased w/ Legion Coins), and then defend from waves of Stellin Drillers to earn Gemstones.
Demaha Fortress has been deactivated, but a new siege, the 12th Altar, has been introduced.
Gemstones shards can be earned as rewards for all sieges in Demaha.
Only available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays

(80) Crimson Katalm/Danaria
Crimson Katalam and Crimson Danaria will remain on the Battlefield server and are now ideal for solo players who want to prove their PvP prowess.
The number of bases has been drastically reduced.
The various world bosses have been removed, and reward systems for upgrading bases have been updated accordingly.
New daily content, Pandarunerk’s Delve Infiltration, has been added.
While capturing or defending bases, you may acquire a mysterious transformation potion. Using it will transport you to Pandarunerk’s Delve, where you’ll compete against up to 200 other players to obtain a ‘Special Cargo Crate’. May the cleverest Shugo win!
Only available when Demaha is available
Pradeth and Silona fortresses have been fully activated, and will have sieges.
These sieges are more difficult than Inggison/Gelkmaros, and have greater rewards as a result.
Players can participate by purchasing a title from the Katalam Reward Officer
Only available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sunday.

(10-75) Beluslan / Heiron
To accommodate Balaurea’s new role, these zones will be the primary leveling area for lower-level characters.
As part of this change, some instances have had their levels adjusted. For example, Taloc’s Hollow is now Level 75-79.
Acorn Guild members will provide leveling gear in exchange for Tough Acorn tokens.

Other Zone & Instance Changes
The following zones have been removed:
  • Cygnea
  • Enshar
  • The following instances have been removed:
  • Bastion of Souls
  • Frozen Monolith
  • Beshmundir Temple
  • Drakenspire Depths (solo)

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