Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Balaurea Reborn Event

Aion: Shadows over Balaurea brought tremendous change to the world of Atreia. To help Daevas acclimate themselves to their new surroundings, we will soon launch the Balaurea Reborn event!

This event has been specifically designed to reward brave Daevas willing to venture into the freshly revamped zones in Balaurea, so prepare to battle across Inggison, Gelmaros, and Silentera Canyon. Within these zones, secure bounties by completing missions and quests, morphing new recipes, conquering raid bosses, and achieving community milestones with your fellow Daevas.

Missions and Quests

Lugbug has new daily event missions available to players! Expect some mystery here, as you may find yourself traversing zones in search of Strange Vortex monsters who appear on the map according to an unknown pattern…

Daily missions from Lugbug can be completed in Inggison, Gelmaros, or Silentera Canyon in exchange for Titan Coins.

Jabaranerk will also provide a daily quest in Inggison and Gelkmaros to each respective faction. These quests can be completed for an Experience Mark.

Event Raid Boss

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8PM server time, raid boss Omega will spawn in the Silentera Canyon. Defeat him for a chance at Gemstone and Runestone Shards and Abrasives!

Bonus Community Rewards and Surveys

For the duration of the event, a survey will be available containing an [Event] Special Balaurea Box, which contains all of the following items:
  • [Event][Title Card] Balaurea Adventurer (30 days) x1
  • [Event] Ultimate Transformation Potion Selection Chest x3
  • [Event] General Return Scroll x1

Additionally, each week the community will accrue additional rewards based upon their participation in three different activities in Inggison, Gelkmaros, and Silentera Canyon: Monster Slaying, Daily Event Quests, and Lugbug’s Event Missions. These rewards (along with some base rewards) will be distributed in a weekly Community Rewards survey. Claim them fast, however, because they will only last until the next server maintenance!

As a special bonus, each category has a special stretch reward which can be acquired if all players, across all servers, can complete the corresponding Bonus Challenge! These special bonuses can be obtained only once and their surveys will remain available until the end of the event, so encourage your fellow players to participate!

Weekly Survey Base Reward

Each week, the weekly survey will contain an [Event] Monster Platinum Cubicle Bundle, containing 10 platinum cubicles for a random end-game foe with nothing else required!

Event Monster Slayer

While participating in the events above, you will inevitably be purging monsters from Inggison, Gelkmaros, and Silentera Canyon. Such efforts will not go unrewarded!

For every 100,000 monsters slain in the zones above, all players, across all servers, will receive an Ancient Renown Potion Bundle.

Bonus Challenge

If 1,000,000 monsters are slain in a single week, a one-time only survey will award a [Event] Balaurea Adventurer Box containing the following:
  • [Event] Ancient Renown Potion Bundle x5
  • [Event] Giant Abyssal Star x5
Daily Event Quests
Additionally, the community will receive bonus rewards for completing daily event quests!
  • For every 500 times Jabaranerk’s daily quest is completed, the survey will contain an [Event] Titan Coin Bundle

Bonus Challenge

If Daevas can surpass 5,000 event quest completions in a single week, a separate one-time only survey will award a [Event] Special Balaurea Box containing the following:
  • [Event] Ancient Renown Potion Bundle x5
  • [Event] Giant Abyssal Star x5

Lugbug’s Event Mission Completionist

More rewards will be available for completing even missions!
For every 1,000 event mission completions, the survey will contain an [Event] Consumables Bundle.

Bonus Challenge

If Daevas can complete over 10,000 event missions in a single week, a separate survey will become available which contains an [Event] Balaurea Hunter Box, yielding the following:
  • [Event] Monster Platinum Cubicle Bundle x3
  • [Event] Ultimate Engraved Manastone Box x3
Bonus Collector Community Reward
If the community completes all three ‘Bonus Challenges’ listed above, a separate survey will be provided until the end of the event which rewards an [Event] Balaurea Occupation Commemoration Box, which contains all of the following items:
  • [Event] Shining Gemstone Shard Box x1
  • [Event] [Motion Card] Fluttering Dandelion x1
  • [Event] Greater Runestone Shard Box x1
  • [Event] Refinement Stone Morphing Book (1 time) x3
  • [Event] Sanctity Morphing Book (1 time) x1

We can’t wait to see the community working together to acquire all this bonus loot! Share your thoughts with us on the forums, and we’re excited to see how you progress!

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