Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Top Ten mobile sex games for iPhone users in 2020


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Sometimes it can seem like all of the best mobile games are only made for Android users. They seem to have all of the fun, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of games that are created for iPhone users and the people who own them. There are more than enough mobile porn games that can keep your relationship nice and spicy. You’ll be able to try out things that you’ve never thought of before and that’s what every relationship really needs. You’ll be able to keep it all interesting and never have to deal with boredom again with these top ten mobile sex games for iPhone users in 2020.

10. Sex Life Tracker

First up on the list is Sex Life Tracker. This is an app that lets you track your sex life and your stamina. You’ll also be able to try out new sexual positions and locations for future reference.

9. Dirty Game

Dirty Game is perfect for the couple that wants to try out sex with other couples. You’ll start out with softcore questions to ask each other. Then you’ll be given sexual dares that bring you from flirting all of the way to getting it on.

8. Kindu for Couples

Kindu for Couples is like Tinder for couples. You’re not swiping on people, though. You’re swiping on sexual ideas that you either like or don’t. As you both swipe on things you want to try out, you’ll be given a match and the chance to do it in real life.

7. Sex Positions 3D

Sex Positions 3D is a great app for couples that want to try out new ways of having sex. You’ll get full 3D rendering of brand new positions that you can rotate and zoom in on to make sure that you’re doing it all right.

6. Sex Keeper

Sex Keeper is an app that lets you stay fit while you have sex. You can log all of the sex that you have, as well as how long it lasted, how many times you came, and how often you get it on.

5. OhMiBod Remote

The OhMiBod Remotes is a little bit different than the others. This is an app that connects directly to sex toys. You’ll be able to control them by turning them on and off and increasing or decreasing the intensity. It’s a whole new way to have sex with someone.

4. iKamasutra

iKamasutra is an app that brings you brand new sex positions for you and your partner to try out. They’re all organized so you can find something interesting very easily. Just pick the effect that you want or the furniture that you’re using and have some fun.

3. Desire

Desire works to bring your lovemaking to the next level. It’s filled with sexy dares that you and your partner can get into on your date night. It’s the best way to break out of the habit of having sex like it’s a job to get through.

2. Sex Roulette

Sex Roulette is just like a digital version of sex dice. You spin one wheel to find a body part then you spin another to get an action. All it takes after that it carrying them out and seeing where all of the fun actions take you.

1. Your Lovely

Finally, Your Lovely is here to offer you brand new sex ideas. You’ll find unique suggestions that you’ve never thought of before. There are positions as well as ways to get deep penetration and powerful erections. Just follow along and you’ll experience pleasure that you never thought was possible.

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