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Daeva Dash: Fast and the Furriest

Note: We recently updated the event rewards in accordance with feedback from our players. Thank you!

Event Duration: December 2 – January 13, 2021

Ready… set… go!

Daeva Dash has returned, and this time its cuter than ever! Transform into one of a variety of adorable animals and sprint your way around a farmland fantasy track for riches and rewards.

The Race

Transform your Daeva and enter the circuit for a 3v3 race through Atreia’s newest obstacle course: Animal Farm Race! The instance will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week during the event, and all players will receive one free entry per day with additional entries available via Luna or bonus entry scrolls. Bonus entry scrolls can be earned from event Lugbug Missions, and a tradeable version is available on the Black Cloud Marketplace.

Animal Farm Race consists of several stages, and as you make your attempts, a handy racing UI will display how far your team has progressed within the instance.

To make things more interesting, each player will begin the race with the same default skill: Power Dash. However, additional skills will be unlocked randomly by picking up power-ups as your make your way through the instance. You can view the available pickups below:
IconSkill NameEffect
Power DashIncreases movement speed for a brief period.
TeleportTeleports forward and removes immobilization/slow effects.
Desperate DispelRemoves slow and root from allies in a radius.
Ankle SnareGreatly reduces enemies’ movement speed in a radius.
FettertwineImmobilizes an enemy.

The Changes

For players familiar with the previous iteration of Daeva Dash, the racecourse itself has received numerous changes. These were made after the dev team heard feedback from Aion players in numerous regions and are aimed at improving your experience. Let us know what you think of them!
A windstream now passes through the entire foggy area, which previously used flight. Terrain has been placed to prevent falling when entering the windstream, and the lightning strikes have been removed.
Geysers have been deleted and replaced with ramps or other terrain that can be scaled.
The mount section has been removed. Now, players will interact with a door that moves them to the start of the next section.
Fixed some terrain where players could fall through the stage, and some bugs that affected resurrections in the instance.
Reduced the number of floating platforms to be jumped across.
Removed the gliding section to the finish line. Now, players will climb a staircase and drop into the finish area.

The Rewards

Each player lucky enough to win the race will receive 6 keys to the chest at the end of the race while tying or losing will result in 4 keys being awarded per player. Each chest will award a random number ofAnimal Farm Medals, the primary currency of the event. Animal Farm Medals and bonus entry scrolls can also be earned through special event missions.

As you acquire Animal Farm Medals, you will want to take them to Dalishunerk, who will exchange them for the following rewards:
Item NamePriceLimit[Event][Motion Card] Fluttering Dandelion 300 1/week
[Event] Animal Farm Enchantment Stone Box 100 1/week
[Event] Everyday Animal Farm Mount Box (15 days) 40 1/week
[Event] General Return Scroll Bundle (Contains 10) 1 2/week
[Event] Ancient Engraved Manastone Box 10 2/week
[Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone Box 30 1/week
[Event] Lucky Kinah Box 5 3/week
[Event] Consumables Bundle 1 10/week
Upgraded Ultimate Manastone Selection Box 75 1/week
Heavy Glyph Box 200 1/week
Berdin's Giant Lucky Star 10 5/week
Berdin's Giant Abyssal Star 10 5/week
Window with a View 1 300 1/week
Locked Mouse and Keyboard Ranger Transformation Contract Box Piece* 40 4/week
[Event] Event Coin 1 -
Daeva Dash Commemorative Bundle 25 -

*Locked Mouse and Keyboard Ranger Transformation Contract Box Piece:
10 pieces are required to create a locked box.
The key will be available from the Black Cloud Marketplace for free from 12/16 to 1/13 (limit 1 per account). Combining the key and box will provide a random Mouse Ranger or Keyboard Ranger Legendary Transformation Contract.
Unused pieces, locked boxes and keys will be removed from player inventories at the end of the event, and cannot be carried forward to future events.
This item’s purchase limit is set up this way to provide some flexibility in the amount of dedication required to earn the transformation. Please be mindful of how many pieces you’ve acquired already when buying, since the limit makes it possible to acquire extra pieces for no additional benefit.

Daeva Dash Commemorative Bundle Contents
Item NameQty
Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone1
Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone1
Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone2
Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone2
[Event] Event Coin25
[Event] Bright Abyss Treasure1
Experience Mark5
Upgraded Experience Crystal10

The Ending

It is important to note that once the event concludes on January 13, the following items will be deleted during maintenance. Be sure to exchange any remaining Animal Farm Medals before maintenance on January 13, 2021.
Animal Farm Race Bonus Entry Scroll (*the version acquired from event Lugbug Missions)
[Event] Animal Farm Race Treasure Chest Key
[Event] Animal Farm Medal
[Event] Animal Farm Race Championship Trophy
[Event] Animal Farm Race Completion Trophy
[Event] Animal Farm Medal Bundle
Locked Mouse and Keyboard Ranger Transformation Contract Box Piece
Locked Mouse and Keyboard Ranger Transformation Contract Random Box
Mouse and Keyboard Ranger Transformation Contract Random Box Key

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy this latest version of Daeva Dash! Be sure to let us know what you think of The Changes on our official forums. Good luck!

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