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Solorius Shenanigans Event

Event Duration: December 16 – Jan. 13, 2021

Happil needs your help! Shugo couriers have been stealing Solorius presents, and Daevas are needed to put a stop to their nefarious interceptions. Reward bounties are available for those willing to heed the call.
Saving Solorius

Beginning this Wednesday, visitors to Inggison and Gelkmaros will encounter Happil, who is in urgent need of your assistance with several quests to offer. Atreia has been beset by thieving shugos, and someone must put a stop to them!

As you traverse across Atreia, you will encounter Courier Shugos. Defeat them to recover the stolen Joyful Boxes,and interact with them to stow them away into your inventory. If you can acquire ten boxes, visit Haepirinerk or Haepirunerk who can be found when capturing Garrisons in Inggison and Gelkmaros. They will only appear when capturing Garrisons in your own faction’s territory – Inggison for Elyos, and Gelkmaros for Asmodians.

However, beware! Turning in 10 of these gift boxes can have varying effects! On the brighter side, the shugos may thank you for your efforts and reward you with an [Event] Green Stocking Bundle. If you turn in 100 Joyful Boxes all at once, you may instead be rewarded with an [Event] Red Stocking bundle, which contains greater rewards.

On some occasions, these shugos may turn out to be imposters! If this is the case, they will greedily take your recovered presents and flee, leaving behind a Glacial Water item in your inventory. If you act quickly, you can freeze the imposters by using the Glacial Water. Subsequently, defeating them will award [Event] Frozen Socks.
Uncovering the Mystery

To truly save the holiday, we can’t track only the sneaky shugos… we must put a stop to the Mastermind behind their holiday heists. Four times per day, the kingpin behind the plot will appear in Inggison or Gelkmaros. Defeat them for rewards!
Spawn TimeNote
11:00De-spawns after 1 hour


MonsterDrop ItemQtyNotes
Raid Boss[Event] Meloon Basket1Items with quantity over 1 appear as separate stacks
Each acquired by dice acquisition
Some items are guaranteed to drop, while others may not drop every time.
[Event] Sanctity Potion1
[Event] Equipment Extraction Supplement Bundle3
[Event] Ancient Refining Stone3
[Event] Cozy Snowman Costume Mask Bundle12
[Event] Holiday Weapon Selection Box1
[Event] Motion Card Skating Bundle1
[Event] PvE Attack Boost Potion3
+1 Snowball1Group Drop
[Event] Socket Stone Bundle1
Boss' Minion[Event] Cute Rudolph Nose1Dice Acquisition
[Event] Glittering Rudolph Nose1

Merorinrinerk’s Offerings

[Event] Meloons are available from [Event] Frozen Socks bundles, as well as the [Event] Meloon Basket acquired from the raid boss. These tasty treats are typically used as an ingredient in a traditional Atreian holiday cocktail, but this year’s celebrations have been declared dry because of… past incidents.

Therefore, Merorinrinerk is here to exchange items for all your Meloons!


[Event] Merorinrinerk's Stigma Enchantment Stone Bundle801/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle603/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle603/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle (7 days)3001/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle (7 days)3001/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Gemstone Bundle7001/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Runestone Bundle7001/week
[Event] Merorinrinerk's Daevanion Skillbook Bundle2601/week

Solorius Gifts

This event will also have some special bonuses which Daevas will have access to!

All players will receive an [Event] Solorius Festival Gift Bundle each hour they remain logged in during the event. There is no daily limit.

Then, on December 25thonly, players will receive an [Event] Solorius Festival after staying logged in for 2 hours, once per account. Among other rewards, this bundle will provide a selection box containing your choice of brand new Cozy Solorius weapon skins.

Throughout the entire event, the following level 80+ instances will have double their normal number of entries. This double benefit will also apply to increased entries from the Prestige Pass.


Altar of Ascension (Easy/Normal)Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Normal)
Altar of Gales (Easy/Normal)Primeth's Forge (Normal)
Benirunerk's Estate (Easy/Normal)Stellin Laboratory (Easy/Normal)

The existing double XP/AP boost event will continue to run, and for the duration of the event, Prestige Pass users will also obtain double Prestige Coins.

We hope that you enjoy this Solorius event! As you acquire rewards, you may be curious about what each bundle can contain, so we have included a list of all bundle contents below.

Happy Solorius!
Bundle NameReward NameQtyBundle Type
[Event] Green StockingUltimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box1Random
[Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone Selection Box1
[Event] Monster Platinum Cubicle Bundle1
[Event] PvE Attack Boost Potion1
[Event] Summon Buddy Scroll1
[Event] Giant Abyssal Star1
[Event] Berdin's Lucky Star1
[Event] Abyssal Star1
[Event] Cozy Rudolph Costume Mask1
[Event] Cozy Cookie Costume Mask1
[Event] Emergency Rations1Guaranteed
[Event] Emergency Rations[Event] Upgraded Recovery Potion3Acquire All
[Event] Upgraded Healing Potion3
[Event] Upgraded Food3
[Event] Upgraded Beverage3
[Event] Magic Energy1
[Event] Red Stocking[Event] Cozy Cookie Costume Mask1Random
[Event] Cozy Rudolph Costume Mask1
[Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types)1
[Event] Monster Platinum Cubicle Bundle1
[Event] Ultimate Sovereign's Accessory Selection Box1
[Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days)1
[Event] Solorius Glasses1
[Event] Solorius Tree Headband1
[Event] Cute Snowman Band1
[Event] Dotty Hair Bow1
[Event] Solorius Tunic1
[Event] Two-Tone Bob1
[Event] Dashing Red Ribbon Headpiece1
[Event] Dashing Red Ribbon Dress1
[Event] White Wings1
[Event] Polka dot Dress1
[Event] Frozen Socks[Event] Snowman Box1Random
[Event] Red Solorius Jacket1
[Event] Cozy Cookie Costume Mask1
[Event] Meloon1Bonus reward
[Event] Happil's Gift[Event] Solorius Glasses1Selection
[Event] Solorius Tree Headband1
[Event] Cute Snowman Band1
[Event] Dotty Hair Bow1
[Event] Solorius Tunic1
[Event] Two-Tone Bob1
[Event] Dashing Red Ribbon Headpiece1
[Event] Dashing Red Ribbon Dress1
[Event] White Wings1
[Event] Polka dot Dress1
[Event] Meloon Basket[Event] Meloon10Random
[Event] Meloon20
[Event] Meloon30
[Event] Meloon40
[Event] Meloon50
[Event] Holiday Weapon Selection Box[Event] Cozy Solorius Shield1Selection
[Event] Cozy Solorius Longsword1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Mace1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Dagger1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Orb1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Spellbook1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Greatsword1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Polearm1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Staff1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Bow1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Pistol1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Aethercannon1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Harp1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Cipher-blade1
[Event] Cozy Solorius Chromablaster1
[Event] Joyful Forest Popoku Outfit Bundle[Event] Forest Popoku's Jacket1Random
[Event] Forest Popoku's Gloves1
[Event] Forest Popoku's Pauldrons1
[Event] Forest Popoku's Pants1
[Event] Forest Popoku's Shoes1
[Event] Forest Popoku's Bandana1
[Event] White Wings1
[Event] Solorius Festival[Event] Holiday Weapon Selection Box1Guaranteed
[Event] Cozy Costume Mask Selection Box (temporary)4
[Event] Happy Solorius Day Gift BundleBlessed Socket Stone5Random
Grade A Minium5
[Event] Shard Bundle1
[Event] Tea of Repose - 100% Recovery1
[Event] Force Sapling Stealth Kisk Summoning Stone Box1
Experience Mark x1010
[Event] Cozy Costume Mask Selection BoxCozy Cookie Costume Mask1Selection
Cozy Rudolph Costume Mask1
Cozy Santa Costume Mask1
Cozy Snowman Costume Mask1
[Event] Snowman Box[Event][Emotion Card] Snowman (1 day)1Guaranteed
[Event] Cozy Snowman Costume Mask BundleCozy Snowman Costume Mask5Guaranteed

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