Monday, October 25, 2021

Refer-A-Friend Event

Event Duration: 10/20 – 11/17

Starting October 20, all Level 50 Daevas can receive a unique code to be shared with and claimed by players who are Level 1 – 29.

Claiming a code will grant players Support Boxes at various levels to aid them in their progression, while the Level 50 Daevas who share these codes can obtain increasing rewards based upon how many players used their code and were able to reach Level 50 before the event’s conclusion!
Level 50 Characters

On October 20, Coach Young’s Invitation Code will be shared with all Level 50 players via the e-mails registered with their accounts. Please note that you must be opted-in to receive promotional newsletters from NCSOFT to receive the email containing the code.

With your code in-hand, share the code with any friends who are Level 1 – 29 in Aion Classic. Codes can only be redeemed once per account, and your code can be claimed a maximum of 100 times.

At the end of the event period on November 24, receive the following rewards based upon on many of your friends reach Level 50:
EligibilityReward1 or more players reached level 50 1x [Event] Administrator's Boon
3 or more players reached level 50 3x [Event] Administrator's Boon
5 or more players reached level 50 5x [Event] Administrator's Boon

Level 1 – 29 Characters

There are many immediate benefits available to players who claim a code. To secure them:
First, receive a Coach Yong’s Invitation Code from a friend and apply and activate it in your NCSOFT account management under the “Apply a Code” section.
Login to Aion Classic and Claim Couch Yong’s Invitation item from the mailbox to your Level 1 – 29 character.
Receive an [Event] Festival Growth Support Box via an in-game survey when claiming the Coach Yong's Invitation from your mailbox.
For the survey to appear, you may need to change zone or re-log in your character after claiming Coach Yong's Invitation from your mailbox. Coach Yong’s Invitation must be in your character’s inventory to receive the initial Support Box.
The [Event] Festival Growth Support Box can be opened at multiple levels, and contains the rewards below:
LevelReward1 20x [Event] Greater Running Scroll
20x [Event] Greater Courage Scroll
20x [Event] Greater Awakening Scroll
3x [Event] Lodas Amulet III
25 50x [Event] Life Potion
50x [Event] Mana Potion
1x [Event] Nochsana Training Camp Bonus Entry Scroll
3x [Event] Lodas Amulet III
30 30x [Event] Sweet Wine
30x [Event] Gravy Dumpling
9x [Event] Quick Polar Bear Candy Box (3 Candies)
5x [Event] Lodas Amulet III
40 30x [Event] Greater Healing Potion
2x [Event] Draupnir Cave Bonus Entry Scroll
2x [Event] Group Kisk
3x [Event] Quick Polar Bear Candy Box (3 Candies)
5x [Event] Lodas Amulet III
45 50x [Event] Greater Running Scroll
50x [Event] Greater Courage Scroll
50x [Event] Greater Awakening Scroll
30x [Event] Sweet Wine
30x [Event] Gravy Dumpling
5x [Event] Lodas Amulet III

There are plenty of rewards at stake, so don’t forget to apply your invitation codes before November 17 when they expire!

We hope you enjoy this event, and we look forward to welcoming your friends to enjoy the world of Atreia!

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