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1.5 Patch Notes

 Aion 1.5: Balaur Incursion is now live!

The following content and changes have been added, up to and including Korea’s March 24th build.

[New Instances]

Three new instances have been added.

Dark Poeta

Dark Poeta has been added.

Number of PlayersEntry LevelTime Between EntriesEntry Conditions
up to 6 people50+22 hours1 Time Activation Stone

You can begin the first of the entry quests through Sanctum NPC 'Lea' and Pandemonium NPC 'Heimdall'.

After completing the initial entry quest, you can acquire the Time Activation Stone by repeatedly performing the entry quest through the NPC below.

AreaNPCQuest Acquisition TypeQuest Item
HeironMalorenrepeat quest20x Blue Balaur Scales,
1x Rift Essence
BeluslanHresbelgrepeat quest20x Blue Balaur Scales,
1x Rift Essence
Eye of ReshantaSuirongdaily quests5x Blue Balaur Scales,
1x Rift Essence

The conditions for obtaining a specific rank are as follows.

RankingScoreTime Remaining
S152002 hours
A143201 hour 30 minutes
B109131 hours
C665630 minutes
F00 hours

Kromede’s Trial

Instance dungeon ‘Kromede’s Trial' has been added.

Number of PlayersEntry LevelTime Between Entries
1 person37Lv ~ 44Lv22 hours
  • You can perform the entrance quest through Heiron NPC 'Ferento' and Belusran NPC 'Nertus'.

Baranath’s Dredgion

Added the instance battlefield 'Dredgion'.

Number of PlayersEntry LevelTime Between EntriesEntry Times
up to 6 people46Lv ~ 50Lv2 hours12:00, 20:00, 00:00 daily
  • You can apply for entry through the entry application icon that appears on the left side of the mini map or the NPC below at entry time.
When entering 'Dredgion', skill and item buffs will be removed.- When the battlefield ends, regardless of where you entered, you will be moved to the faction base within the Abyss.
  • Candy transformation is not removed.

[Instance Changes]

  • Added a Rift that allows direct access to the 'Draupnir Cave' in the Dragon's Blood Canyon in Heiron.
    • Mon-Thu: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. / 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
      Fri-Sun: 2:00 a.m. to next day 1:50 am
  • Fixed an abnormal movement in some terrain of 'Azoturan Fortress'.
  • The amount of 'Stigma Shard' items that can be acquired from 'Dredgion' has been increased.
  • Added the ability to obtain advanced or superlative manastone bundles when killing major names.
    Modified so that succession grade equipment can be obtained with a 100% chance when major named kills are defeated.
  • Changed the pattern of 'Leader Bakarma' that appears in Draupnir Cave.
    • The field of view has been changed to be smaller than before.
    • Changed the skill pattern.
    • Attack power has been lowered.
    • We have lowered the ATK and HP of the summoned monsters.
    • The following curtains have been added around the appearance area, and when Commander Bakarma leaves the curtain, the battle will be reset.

3. We have changed the entry waiting time for the instance dungeons below.

Instance DungeonTime Between Entries
Nohsana Training Center2 hours
Nightmare4 hours

4. The drop rate of some items that can be obtained from the instance dungeons below has been increased.

Instance DungeonAcquisition Rate Increase Target
Dark Poetaunique class equipment
Steel Rakeunique class equipment
Azoturan Fortressunique class equipment
Nochsana Training CampSuccession grade equipment
Kromede’s TrialMaterial item for unique grade weapon
Aetherogenetics Labskill book
Alquimia Research Centerskill book

Modified so that you can acquire low-grade Stigma from ‘Aetherogenetics Lab' and 'Alquimia Research Center'.

Fixed an issue where the character would respawn when reconnecting after dying in the final boss area of ​​Dark Poeta.

[Daeva’s Pass]

  1. Added a beginners pass for new characters.
  2. Only characters below level 10 can obtain the pass, and once the beginner pass has been obtained, it can be continued even after level 10.
    1. Premium can be purchased at any level after the pass has been obtained.

[Siel's Aura]

1. You cannot acquire items of normal grade or higher without Siel's Aura active.

1. Siel's Aura and character account information tooltips have been corrected.

[Fortress Battle]

  1. The amount of stamina and abyss points earned for guardians, dragon commanders, gates, and barriers has been increased.
    1. In the case of stamina, it is affected by the influence ratio.
  2. We have increased the number of people who receive rewards if they succeed in capturing the fortress.
  3. At the start of the fortress battle, the range of the forced movement area has been changed to a wider range than before.
  4. Fixed the issue where NPCs or fortress gates could be hit first before being forced to move after starting a fortress battle.
  5. The skill damage used by the dredgion commander that appears during the upper fortress battle has been corrected.
  6. The skill damage used by the elite dragon warriors who appear during the upper fortress battle has been corrected.


  1. Abyss points acquired and reduced through PvP in Eltenen and Morheim have been changed.
    1. We have increased the Abyss Points obtained when defeating an invading player.
    2. We have decreased the Abyss Points obtained when defeating a defending player.
    3. We have decreased the abyss points that are obtained when killed by an invading player.
  2. Fixed an issue where equipment could not be changed if the equipment was changed while jumping.
  3. Fixed an issue where after registering a Kisk, if you resurrected through item resurrection, the registered Kisk information disappears and players will respawn from the registered Obelisk.
  4. Fixed an issue where the frames drop when the character dies.
  5. Fixed an issue where if a party member in the same area kills an opponent's race, Slayer Points are added together regardless of the distance.



  1. Added level 50 Daevanion quests.
    1. You can obtain the first quest from Sanctum NPC 'Labyrintos' and Pandemonium NPC 'Kvasir'. 
  2. Added a quest that returns some materials in case of failure to produce the advanced result during the 4th Daevanion quest.
Coaching's suggestionMu Ling's proposal
  1. Added repeatable quests that can be performed in the instance dungeons below.
Instance NameElyos informationAsmodian information
Nochsana Training CampNPC Nereus
[Clearing Nohsana Training Camp Recruiters]
NPC Lisya
[Defeat Nohsana Training Camp Recruiters]
Fire TempleNPC Actaeon
[Operation to Protect Ruins]
NPC Swabian
[Remains Conservation Operation]
Kromede’s TrialNPC Ardenia
[Nightmare to End]
NPC Ninehardt
[Nightmare to End]
Steel RakeNPC Kuruming
[Reputation of the Trade Group]
NPC Mu Ling
[Trader's Credit]
Draupnir CaveNPC Klaus
[Draupnir Clearance Order]
[order to kill Draupnir]


  1. When destroying the 'Silver Fur Costume', it has been modified so that it can be destroyed by entering 'Destroy Confirmation'.
  2. Fixed the issue where the 'Special Buff Cookie' item and the jelly item share the cooldown time.
  3. Some wings can now have their appearance remodeled.
  4. Some weapons / armor / trinkets have been changed to be untradeable. (including trade broker registration and mail delivery)
  5. Some items have been changed to be untradable.
  6. Fixed an issue where crafting materials disappeared under certain circumstances.
  7. Fixed an issue where some items in instances were not temporarily available to be traded.
  8. Changed to be able to possess 2 or more Time Activation Stones.
  9. Adjusted the drop probability of some items dropped by level 45 or higher field monsters in Theobomos and Brusthonin areas.
  10. Modified so that it is not possible to acquire unique grade equipment in Theobomos and Brusthonin areas.
  11. Fixed typos in some item tooltips.
  12. The properties of some of the event items have been changed.


  1. We have lowered the height of some monsters in Theobomos and Brusthonin area.
  2. Adjusted the spawn time of field monsters in Theobomos and Brusthonin area.
  3. Fixed an issue where NPCs did not recognize characters intermittently when using Transform Candy.


  1. When changing the legion emblem, an information window is displayed when attempting to register an image that does not have the correct size.
  2. Changed the 'N Shop' icon in the start menu.
  3. Wings can now be previewed in the preview window and in the Quna Shop Costume tab.
  4. Added the ability to hide hats and legion cloaks. You can use it by checking the button in the profile info window.
  5. Fixed an intermittent issue where advertisements for personal shops were not visible.
  6. Added a Login Reward Event window that shows the delivery status of items that can be acquired through login events.
    1. It can be opened by clicking the Login Reward Event button at the bottom right of the screen, or through the start menu.
    2. If there is an item that can be obtained during the event period, it will be automatically displayed in the Login Reward Event window whenever you log in to the game.
    3. If you check 'Stop watching today' in the Login Reward Event window, the Login Reward Event button is not displayed.
  7. Added the ability to set tokens even when not in a party.
    1. If you set up a token without forming a party and then form a party, all the set tokens will be cleared.
  8. Items that cannot be registered in individual trading, sales, and trading agencies have been changed to be inactive.
  9. Changed so that the loading screen is displayed when running Aion Classic.
  10. Fixed an issue where the previously set quick slot and chat window location settings are defaulted when a character reconnects.
  11. Fixed an issue where the mark set on another PC is deleted when they die.


  1. Fixed an issue when using a transformation skill, that the existing transformation candy effect is removed.
  2. Fixed an issue where the skill effect of 'Curse: Tree' was not canceled intermittently when using the skill with an additional status abnormality on the target after using the 'Curse: Tree' skill of Sorcerer.
  3. Fixed an issue where the spirit skill 'Scream of Fear' was not applied to the target in the glide state.
  4. Fixed the audio output when the Elyos female healing characters use the skill 'Lightning of Judgment'.
  5. Fixed an issue where the skill effect of 'Gunsiness' was not removed under certain circumstances.


  1. Added the ability to equip Stigmas with '[Event] Stigma Shard'.
    1. When Stigma is equipped, '[Event] Stigma Shard' is consumed before 'Stigma Shard', and '[Event] Stigma Shard' and 'Stigma Shard' are not consumed together.
  2. Fixed an issue where system messages are not displayed in the center of the screen.


  1. '[Event] Juicy Dumplings' and '[Event] Sweet Wine' have been modified so that they can be registered in the pet's automatic use slot.
  2. Some pets and pet items have been modified.


  1. Fixed that it is not possible to enter the inner core from the outer core of the deep Reshanta.
  2. Fixed some terrain.
  3. Fixed an issue where Kisks could be placed in the air near the entrance to 'Draupnir Cave'.


  1. Fixed an issue where a black screen lasts for a certain period of time after starting the game.
  2. Fixed an issue where the game client would close under certain circumstances.
  3. Fixed an issue where the composite recovery proceeds through deletion recovery of items 15 days after synthesis.

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