Monday, August 15, 2022

The Summer Flower Package and more have arrived!

 It’s true the end of summer may be in sight, but we’re keeping the good times rolling with rewards and goodies for all! We're introducing the Summer Flower Package Promotion for a limited time, we’re updating our store, and for the next two weeks, Daevas will be able to enjoy LugBug drops with twice the shards!

Summer Flower Package Promotion

Available from August 10 – September 7

The Summer Flower Package is a hefty bundle with great savings and rewards. It which contains a wide variety of goodies as well as a chance to collect Summer Flower Coins to purchase exclusive items, including a new motion card! See full details below!

Item NameQtyBCCSale EndTypeLimit Info
Summer Flower Package140009/7Bundle15/account
Bundle NameItem NameQty
[BCM] Summer Flower PackageBlessed Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle3
[BCM] Grade S Minium Bundle (50)3
Ultimate/Paragon Enchantment Stone Selection Box3
[BCM] Upgraded Ultimate Manastone Selection Box (Contains 3)1
[BCM] Summer Flower Coin1

Summer Flower Coins can be utilized to purchase items from the merchants located in Inggison and Gelkmaros!

Merchant NPC

<Summer Flower Coin Exchange>

Merchant Listing

ItemCoin Price
[BCM] Ultimate Golden Key5
[BCM] +5 Paragon Equipment Selection Box2
[BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Selection Box (10 types)2
[BCM] Ultimate Flawless Manastone Socketing Supplement Bundle (3)1
[BCM] Daevanion Essence Box (3)1
[BCM] +10 Complete Yornforged Weapon Selection Box1
Legendary Transformation Contract Selection Box (10 types)1
[Motion Card] Finger Heart1

Empyrean Lord's Transformation Contract (2 types) item will be changed to Empyrean Lord's Ultimate Transformation Box.

Also, using 6x Ultimate Breath of Transformation + 500 Ultimate Memory Shards, Daevas will be able to craft Empyrean Lord’s Ultimate Transformation Box, which will reward with one of two possible contracts. If you’d like to try for a different reward, this Box can be re-rolled up to 3 times using [BCM] Ultimate Golden Key.

ItemRewardsItem for Re-rollMax Re-roll
Empyrean Lord's Ultimate Transformation BoxNezekan Transformation ContractORZikel Transformation Contract[BCM] Ultimate Golden Key3 times

LugBug Double Shards

Event Date: August 10 – August 24

By completing Daily and Weekly Lugbug missions, players will be able to earn double the Shards during the event!

Empyrean Lord Transformation Potion Chest awards players with 1x Nezekan/Zikel Transformation Potion, and a random number of Ultimate Memory Shard(s)! But during the event, we are doubling the amount of Ultimate Memory Shard(s) you get from the Empyrean Lord Transformation Potion Chest!

Lugbug MissionDoubled Reward
Daily Lugbug's Mission2x Ultimate Memory Shard
Weekly Lugbug's Mission2x Ultimate Memory Shard

Store Update

We’ve updated our store with some brand new items! These items will be permanently available for purchase moving forward!

Item NameBCCType
Matador's Trappings640Costume
Passionate Matador Hairstyle320Costume
Greenwood Visor320Costume
Greenwood Outfit640Costume
Speedy Hamster2000Mount

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