Monday, August 15, 2022

Aion Classic August Patch Preview

 Our teams have been hard at work, and we’re excited to let you know improved drop rates have arrived! In this post we’re going to go into details about what’s increasing in this particular update, as well as giving you a sneak peek at some major changes to the upcoming Daeva Pass Season 15. 

Before we jump into it, we also want to let you know you can claim this adorably fierce Stormwing as your 30-Day Pet if you act before August 31st. 

Simply answer a few short questions about the new patch using the survey system, and this little guy will be headed your way. 

Drop Rates Raising 

Drop Rates are being increased across the board. This includes all the field drops as well as Kinah drops. These boosted drop rates should help significantly to gear up for end game content! 

  • Kinah drop increase 
  • Noticeable field drop rates increase across all fields in the game 

Daeva Pass Changes (Daeva Pass Season 15) 

A survey was sent out recently asking for feedback on the Daeva Pass and based on the results of this poll and your feedback, we have made significant changes for Season 15.

Season 15 will act as a test to see which changes go over well and, depending, may affect all future Daeva Pass seasons. 

1. Daeva Pass Premium Discount

Original Price: 1320 Quna

Season 15 Discounted Price: 800 Quna

2. Level Changes 

Maximum level will be reduced from 45 to 36. 

3. Weekly/Season Mission EXP reduced

Weekly Mission DetailsPre-patchPost-patch
1Register 10 items with the Trade Broker7050
2Open 2 Pet's Gift Bundles5035
3Defeat 10 members of the enemy faction8055
4Use 30 scroll items7050
5Use 1 Kisk7050
6Extract equipment 5 times5035
7Enter 3 instanced dungeons6040
Season Mission DetailsPre-patchPost-patch
1Buy 1 item with Abyss Points150100
2Gain 100,000 Abyss Points150100
3Enter the Tiak Research Center 5 times10070
4Obtain 20 medals150100
5Defeat 30 monsters in Silentera Canyon150100
6Defeat 50 enemies of 5th rank or above from the opposite faction200140
7Defeat 3 Stormwings in Beshmundir Temple10070
8Enter the Crucible Arena of Discipline 10 times150100
9Enter the Tempere Arena of Chaos 10 times150100
10Enter the Chantra Dredgion 3 times200140

4. New Items

  • Lv.22 [Event] Lv60 Manastone Selection Box 
Manastone: Attack +55
Manastone: HP +955
Manastone: MP +955
Manastone: Accuracy +275
Manastone: Evasion +175
Manastone: Magic Boost +275
Manastone: Parry +275
Manastone: Block +275
Manastone: Crit Strike +175
Manastone: Maximum Flight Time +75
Manastone: Magical Accuracy +145
Manastone: Resist Magic +145
Manastone: Healing Boost +35
  • Lv.26 [Event] [Motion Card] Stormbringe
  • Lv.36 Mischievous Whale Costume 

We'll still be collecting and listening to your feedback regarding drop rate changes, so let us know what you think. We appreciate each and every one of you and we are continually trying to improve our service of the game. 

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