Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Aion Online's Dungeon Delve Event 2023: Double Your Drops and Delve Deeper

Aion Online, the popular MMORPG, is bringing back the Dungeon Delve Event for its third remix. Running from July 18, 17:00 PDT to August 1, 15:00 PDT, this event is a dream come true for all deep-dungeon divers eager to get their hands on rare drops.

Double Drop Chance

The highlight of this year's Dungeon Delve Event is the double chance at drops. This means that items carried by some of the most challenging bosses can potentially drop twice in a single run, significantly increasing the chances of players getting those coveted rewards.

Double Drop Locations & Details

The double drop chance applies to several areas, each with their respective items that have a chance of double dropping. These include:

  • Fire Temple: Heroic Items and Above
  • Adma Stronghold: Fabled Items (Lord Lannok)
  • Draupnir Cave: Fabled Items and Fabled Items (Commander Bakarma)
  • Theobomos Lab: Fabled Items (Unstable Triroan)
  • Dark Poeta: Fabled Items and above. Players can hunt Daru to gain a bonus to their score.
  • Beshmundir Temple: Fabled Items and above
  • Unyielding Beshmundir Temple: Fabled Items and above
  • Udas Temple: Fabled Items and above
  • Lower Udas Temple: Fabled Items and above

The Dungeon Delve Event is a fantastic opportunity for Aion Online players to enhance their gameplay and earn some incredible rewards. With the double drop chance, players can look forward to an even more rewarding dungeon diving experience. Don't miss out on this exciting event!

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