Monday, September 18, 2023

AION Classic Server Merge: What Players Need to Know


AION Online has announced a significant move in its Classic servers: the merging of Siel and Nezekan servers on September 19. Such server merges are a common occurrence in the world of MMOs, often seen as a form of "mmo gambling" where developers aim to balance player populations and enhance the in-game experience. To address concerns and questions from the player base, AION has released a comprehensive Q&A. Here's a breakdown of what players can expect:

Character Concerns:

  • For Siel Players: If after the merge, players have both Asmodian and Elyos characters on the same server, they won't be able to create additional characters until they delete all characters from one of the races.
  • For Nezekan Players: Character names will be randomized, and affected players will receive a name change ticket. In case of name conflicts, players can submit a support ticket. The ownership of a contested name will be determined based on character level, age, total time played, and activity status.

Legion Name Adjustments:

  • Legion names on Nezekan will be randomized. Affected Legion Leaders will receive a legion name change ticket. In case of conflicts, Customer Support will assist, determining ownership based on the level of the Legion and the activity of the Legion Leader and members.

Inventory and Quna Balance:

  • All items, including Kinah, will transfer to the new server. Quna, being tied to player accounts, will remain available post-transfer.

Account Warehouse and Mailbox:

  • Items in the Nezekan account warehouse will appear in the Siel account warehouse. Any overflow will be treated like a regular inventory overflow, ensuring no items are lost. It's important to note that account warehouses are race-specific. Thus, Elyos and Asmodian characters on the same account will have separate warehouses post-merge.
  • The mailbox and its contents will seamlessly transfer with the character.

Special Events and Bonuses:

AION is not just stopping at the merge. They're also offering server merge rewards through a giveaway survey event in conjunction with the merge. For detailed information on this, players are advised to check the Server Merge article provided by AION.


Server merges can be a daunting prospect for many players, but they often lead to a more vibrant and active in-game community. AION's comprehensive Q&A aims to address player concerns and ensure a smooth transition. As the merge date approaches, players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the changes and make any necessary preparations.

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