Sunday, October 1, 2023

Aion Classic Introduces Daeva Pass Season 29


Aion Classic, the beloved MMORPG, has unveiled its Daeva Pass Season 29, bringing a plethora of rewards and exclusive items for its dedicated player base.

Daeva Pass Season 29 Details:

  • Price: 600 Quna
  • Max Pass Level: 36
  • Level Jump: 6 (Available for those who unlocked premium in a previous season)
  • Pass Duration: September 26 – October 24
  • Season Ends: October 22

What's on Offer?

As with every season, players can claim free rewards through the regular pass. However, the real excitement lies in the Premium Pass. Upgrading to this pass not only offers an enhanced gaming experience but also provides access to exclusive Premium Rewards. These rewards encompass a range of items, including:

  • Lockbox Keys: Mysterious Lockbox Key and Brilliant Lockbox Key.
  • Enchantment Stones: Brilliant Enchantment Stone Box and Golden Enchantment Stone Box.
  • Dyes: Players can get Normal Random Dye Box, Daeva Pass 3 Random Dye Box, and a Premium Dye Selection Box.
  • Pets: Shugo Lad Egg and Mini Acarun Egg.
  • Cosmetics: Hovering Set (7-Day Pass), Inline Skating Motion Card, and the Moonlit Hanbok Set.
  • Supplements: Lesser Supplements in both Fabled and Eternal variants.
  • Title: Guardian of Atreia (30 Day Pass) and Dashing Daeva (30-day pass) which offers a 5% Movement Speed boost, +2 Attack Power, Magic Boost +10, and PVP Attack +2%.

Additionally, players will receive the Daeva Pass Premium Gift Box III, which contains a variety of items, including the chance to obtain a new motion card or a Legion Production Mark.

Claiming Rewards:

Once players unlock these rewards, they will be sent directly via in-game mail. It's essential to note that items in the mail will be available for a limited time of 7 days. Upon opening the Gift, players have the opportunity to obtain one item based on a predetermined probability.


Daeva Pass Season 29 promises to be an exciting time for Aion Classic players, offering a mix of both familiar and new rewards. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of Aion and make the most of these exclusive offerings.

Source: Aion Online Official News

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