Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Garden of Growth Returns to Aion in October 2023


Aion players, brace yourselves for the return of the Garden of Growth event! From October 3, 3PM PDT to October 17, 3PM PDT, players of level 80 and above can dive into this event, defending the precious vegetation from the menacing Tentakluds and the crafty Dukaki Swindlers.

Event Overview

The Garden of Growth instance is under threat once again. The valuable vegetation within the Garden promises bountiful rewards for those who can shield it from harm. As an added incentive, players will receive double the experience while inside the garden.

Every 10 minutes, the crops within the garden mature and can be harvested for items once they reach full growth. The challenge? Players must fend off the invasive Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers who are out to ruin the soil.

To aid players in their defense, the auto-hunting feature has been re-enabled exclusively for this event map. This means the auto-hunting UI will be available for all players, but it will only function within the Garden of Growth.

How to Participate

To join the event, players must head to the entrances located in Inggison and Gelkmaros. These entrances can be accessed once daily. For those eager for more, additional entries are available for purchase with Kinah and through the Black Cloud Marketplaces.

Players LevelEntriesReset TimeMax Duration
80+1/day9AM Daily60 Minutes

For extra entries, players can visit NPC Yurmanerk to buy additional tickets.

Harvest the Rewards

Upon the completion of a crop's maturation cycle, players can harvest them for [Event] Experience Crystal. Additionally, defeating the Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers will grant players experience, an [Event] Event Coin, and occasionally an [Event] Berdin’s Lucky Star.

Black Cloud Marketplace Update

For those looking to enhance their Garden of Growth experience, the Black Cloud Marketplace offers the [BCM] Garden of Growth Bonus Entry Scroll for 100 BCC, available until October 17. This scroll grants an additional entry to the Garden of Growth.

Item Removal

Players should note that certain items will be removed post-event during the maintenance on October 17. These include the NPC Yurmanerk, [Event] Experience Crystal, and [BCM] Garden of Growth Bonus Entry Scroll.

With the Garden of Growth event in full swing, Aion players have a plethora of activities and rewards to look forward to. So gear up, defend the crops, and reap the bountiful rewards!

Source: Aion Online.

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