Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Aion's Daeva Pass Season 14: A Month of Exciting Rewards and Adventures

Aion, the renowned MMORPG, is back with its 14th season of the Daeva Pass, offering players a plethora of in-game rewards and experiences. Running from October 17 to November 14, this season promises a mix of free and premium rewards that cater to both casual and dedicated players.

Event Details:

  • Duration: October 17 - November 14
  • Daeva Pass Price: 2240 Luna
  • Max Pass Level: 45

What's New in Season 14?

Daeva Pass Season 14 poses the question: "Is it even possible to look better than this?" The answer lies in the array of rewards that players can earn this season:

  • Free Rewards: Players can look forward to Memory Shards and Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Boxes.
  • Premium Rewards: Those who opt for the premium tier can ride in style with the new Scooter Mount, don the trendy Fusion Hanbok costume, and have the Gold Inquin pet accompany them on their adventures.

Detailed Reward Breakdown:

  • Costume: Fusion Hanbok Set (comprising Fusion Hanbok Hairpin and Fusion Hanbok Outfit)
  • Mount: Scooter (30 Days) Box
  • Utility: Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Memory Shard and Oath Tablet for premium members
  • Manastone: Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box and an upgraded version for premium members
  • Pets: Gold Inquin Egg (30 Days) for premium members
  • Empyrean Lord's Holy Water: Available for both free and premium members
  • Title: [Title] Daeva Conqueror (30 Days) for premium members

Bundle Information:

Several bundles are available this season, including:

  • Daeva Pass Season 14 Jewel Box: Contains Daeva Pass Season 14 Attack Jewel and Defense Jewel.
  • Scooter (30 days) Box: Offers a [BCM] Scooter for 30 days.
  • Ultimate/Paragon Enchantment Stone Selection Box: Contains Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone and Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone.
  • Leibo Trace Box: Comes with Shining Leibo's Protection for 7 days.


Aion's Daeva Pass Season 14 is shaping up to be one of the most rewarding seasons yet. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, there's something for everyone. Dive into the world of Aion, complete your missions, and claim your rewards!

Source: Aion Online

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