Friday, October 27, 2023

Aion Boosts Lockbox Drop Rates in Exciting New Update

Aion, the popular MMORPG, has always been known for its immersive gameplay and regular updates that keep the player base engaged. In a recent announcement, the Aion team has unveiled an exciting change that is sure to delight its players: an increased drop rate for the much-coveted lockboxes.

World Drop Lockbox Season 2

The Aion team has been actively listening to player feedback, especially concerning the drop rates of world drop items. Many players expressed dissatisfaction with the current rates, prompting the team to take action. The result? A significant boost in drop rates, ensuring players can now obtain more Kinah, Stigma Bundles, Manastone selection boxes, and Balic Materials. These will be available through the newly revamped Mysterious and Brilliant Lockboxes during Season 2. The drop rate for these items will now be much closer, or in some cases even higher, to what it was prior to the 2.5 update.

Mysterious and Brilliant Lockboxes

These lockboxes are being added across various zones in the game. This includes all world drops, which will significantly aid players in gearing up for end-game content. However, players should note that all remaining Mysterious and Brilliant Lockboxes and Keys will be removed during the maintenance scheduled for November 14.

Just like in Season 1, players will require a corresponding key to open each lockbox. A total of 100 Mysterious Lockbox Keys can be obtained from the Daeva Pass, while 50 Brilliant Lockbox Keys are available for those who unlock the Daeva Pass Premium. Additionally, the Aion team plans to distribute Lockbox keys through various in-game events.

Available Zones for Lockbox Drops

Players can expect to find these lockboxes in the following zones:

  • Poeta
  • Ishalgen
  • Verteron
  • Altgard
  • Eltnen
  • Morheim
  • Theobomos
  • Brusthonin
  • Heiron
  • Beluslan
  • Inggison
  • Gelkmaros
  • Telos Apheta
  • Beluslan

Drops from the Lockboxes

Upon assembling the Mysterious Lockbox S2 or the Brilliant Lockbox S2, players will receive one of the following items from the respective list:

  • Major Recovery Potions and Serums
  • Administrator's Boon
  • Aether Jelly
  • Tombstone of Revival
  • Doguri Americano and Face Shaped Cookie
  • Greater Running, Awakening, and Courage Scrolls
  • Black Gold Medals and Medal Shards
  • Kinah in varying amounts
  • Tasty Gravy Dumpling and Flavorful Sweet Wine
  • Brilliant Manastone Selection Box
  • Lodas Amulet III
  • Noble Stigma Bundle
  • Stigma Shard
  • Lesser Power Shard
  • Kinah Bundle Shard

This update is a testament to Aion's commitment to its player base, ensuring that the gaming experience remains rewarding and enjoyable. Players are encouraged to dive back into the world of Aion and take advantage of these enhanced drop rates while they last.

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