Friday, October 27, 2023

Aion's Daeva Support Event: Boosting New and Max-Level Players

Aion has always been a game that thrives on its community, and with the latest Daeva Support Event, it's clear that the developers want to ensure that both new and veteran players feel valued. Running from October 24 to November 14, this event offers a plethora of rewards designed to assist players in their journey through the world of Atreia.

Support for New Daevas

For those who are just starting their journey in Aion, the event has a lot to offer. Players with characters between levels 1 and 9 will receive a survey upon logging in. This survey provides them with the Settlement Support Box, tailored to their level, which contains items to aid in their leveling progression. The goal? To support players all the way up to level 55.

The [Event] Level 1 Daeva Settlement Support Box II (30 days) is the first of these boxes and can be acquired once per account during the event period. It's worth noting that this box will remain with players for 30 days after the event concludes.

As players progress, the contents of these boxes evolve:

  • Level 20 Box: Contains a Scroll Selection Box, Greater Healing Potions, and more.
  • Level 30 Box: Offers an Expand Cube Ticket, Cippo Aether Jelly, and Tombstones of Revival.
  • Level 40 Box: Rewards players with the Level 50 Daeva Settlement Support Box II, Greater Divine Life Serums, and a Black Ailu's Egg.
  • Level 50 Box: Contains a Level 55 Daeva Settlement Support Box II, a Level 50 Heroic Stigma Box, and an Elite Tribunus Weapon Selection Box II.
  • Level 55 Box: Finalizes the journey with an Expand Warehouse Ticket, a Lv. 51-55 Heroic Stigma Box, and 30 Platinum Medals.

Gifts for Max-Level Players

But what about those who have already reached the pinnacle of their journey in Aion? Siel, the benevolent deity of Aion, hasn't forgotten about them. Players who achieve level 58 during the event period will receive a special gift: 2 x Abyss Blessing Boxes via survey. This reward underscores Aion's commitment to celebrating both new and long-standing members of its community.


The Daeva Support Event is a testament to Aion's dedication to its player base. Whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years, there's something for everyone. So, log in, claim your rewards, and let the winds of fate guide your journey in Atreia.

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