Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Making a Bouquet Event in Aion: Floral Rewards Await!


Aion is blooming with opportunities this October! From October 3, 3PM PDT to October 17, 3PM PDT, players can participate in the "Making a Bouquet" event, where collecting flower petals leads to a plethora of rewards.

How to Play

1. Operation Site Quests:

  • Complete Dispatch Quests for each Legion through Operation Site Quests.
  • Obtain [Event] Spring Petal for each legion upon completing Dispatch Quests.

Rewards for Operation Site Quests:

Legion Name1st Reward2nd Reward
Hymn of Aion (Archon's Shadow)15-
Tears of the Sun (The Waning Crescent)15-
Nightshade Clan1010
Ancient Civilization Excavation Team1010

2. Instance Dungeon Strategy:

  • Obtain [Event] Spring Flower through specific Instance Dungeons.
  • Target instance dungeons for the event include Primeth's Forge (Normal), Altar of Ascension (Normal), and Heart of Apsaranta (Normal). Players can obtain the [Event] Spring Flower upon defeating the boss monster in these dungeons.

Obtaining and Using Event Currency:

  • Players can obtain the event currency, [Event] Spring Petal, through quests and instance dungeon activities.
  • Assembling 5 [Event] Spring Petals will yield a bundle item, [Event] Spring Flower.
  • Opening the [Event] Spring Flower will grant players one of the following items:
Ancient Memory Shard10
Legendary Memory Shard5
Ultimate Memory Shard3
Fruit Juice5
[Event] Giant Abyssal Star1
[Event] Herelym Mine Bonus Entry Ticket1
[Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone1
Roast Chicken5
Combat EXP Booster Potion1
Level 83 Ultimate Equipment Wrapping1
[Event] Ancient Blessed Recovery Serum5
[Event] Ancient Recovery Potion5
Transformation Scroll5
[Event] Empyrean Potion Selection Box5

Item Deletion on October 24, 2023: Players should be aware that the following items will be removed during the maintenance on Tuesday, October 24:

  • [Event] Spring Petal
  • [Event] Spring Flower

With the "Making a Bouquet" event in full swing, Aion players have a unique opportunity to gather floral rewards and enhance their in-game experience. So, gear up and embark on a floral adventure!

Source: Aion Online.

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