Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Elevate Your Gear with the Enchantment Stone Bundle in Aion Classic


Aion Classic players, gear up for an enchanting experience! From October 3, 3PM PDT to October 24, 3PM PDT, the Aion Classic Store is offering the Enchantment Stone Bundles, designed to elevate your equipment and amplify your end-game potential.

Discover the Power of Enchantment

The art of enchantment is a crucial aspect of Aion, allowing players to enhance their gear and unlock its true potential. With the Enchantment Stone Bundles, players can access a range of enchantment stones, spanning from Level 81 to 110. Whether you're looking to give your gear a slight boost or maximize its capabilities, these bundles have got you covered.

Enchantment Stone Bundle II Details

The Enchantment Stone Bundle II offers a comprehensive set of stones to cater to various gear enhancement needs. Here's what's included in the bundle:

  • L110 Enchantment Stone: 1
  • L95 Enchantment Stone: 1
  • L91 Enchantment Stone: 1
  • Level 91-100 Enchantment Stone Box: 1
  • Level 81-95 Enchantment Stone Box: 1
  • Level 81-90 Enchantment Stone Box: 1

The bundle is priced at 800 Quna and will be available for purchase until October 24.

Maximize Your Equipment's Potential

The Enchantment Stone Bundle II is a valuable addition for players aiming to optimize their gear. Whether you're preparing for challenging end-game content, PvP battles, or simply looking to enhance your overall gameplay experience, these enchantment stones are a must-have.

With the limited availability of this bundle, players are encouraged to secure theirs while the promotion lasts. Dive into the world of Aion Classic, harness the power of enchantment, and let your gear shine brighter than ever.

Source: Aion Online.

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