Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Aion Classic Introduces Solorius Form Candy Promotion for the Holiday Season


Aion Classic is celebrating the festive season with the Solorius Form Candy Promotion, running from December 19, 2023, to January 2, 2024. This special promotion offers players a chance to transform their characters with holiday-themed forms, adding a fun and festive twist to their gaming experience.

Solorius Form Candy Selection Boxes

The highlight of the promotion is the Solorius Form Candy Selection Boxes, now available in the Quna Shop. Each box allows players to choose from four different holiday-themed transformations, including Snowman, Rudolph, Solorius, and Cookie Form Candies. These transformations not only change the appearance of characters but also come with unique attributes.

Pricing and Package Details

  • Single Box: The Solorius Form Candy Selection Box is available for 60 Quna.
  • Bundle Offer: A bundle of 11 Solorius Form Candy Selection Boxes can be purchased for 600 Quna, offering a value deal for players.

Attributes of Solorius Form Candies

Each Solorius Form Candy comes with its own set of attributes, lasting for 60 minutes:

  • Dignified Solorius Form: Increases Speed by 3%, Attack Speed by 3%, Attack by +2, and Accuracy by +48.
  • Wise Solorius Form: Boosts Speed by 3%, Casting Speed by 3%, Magic Boost by +10, and Magic Accuracy by +48.
  • Extraordinary Solorius Form: Enhances Speed by 3%, Attack Speed by 3%, Magic Boost by +10, and Magic Accuracy by +48.

Item Information

The Solorius Form Candy Selection Box is unsellable and cannot be stored in the Legion Warehouse. It also cannot be socketed with Enchantment Stones. Players can double-click (or right-click) the box to select their preferred form candy.

Types of Form Candies

Players have a variety of festive forms to choose from:

  • Snowman Form Candy
  • Rudolph Form Candy
  • Solorius Form Candy
  • Cookie Form Candy


The Solorius Form Candy Promotion in Aion Classic brings a festive spirit to the game, allowing players to enjoy the holiday season with unique character transformations and attributes. Whether opting for a single box or the bundle, players can immerse themselves in the holiday cheer while enhancing their gameplay experience. This promotion is a delightful way for the Aion community to celebrate the end of the year and welcome the new one.

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