Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Aion Classic's Winter Holiday Celebration Part 2: A Bounty of Festive Rewards


Aion Classic is bringing festive cheer to its players with the Winter Holiday Celebration Part 2, running from December 19, 2023, to January 9, 2024. This event is packed with gift boxes, treasure chests, special surveys, and daily quests, offering a plethora of rewards to enhance the holiday spirit.

Winter Holiday Gift Box

As a holiday treat, Aion Classic is offering a free Winter Holiday Gift Box in the Quna Shop, limited to one per account for players level 10 and above. The box includes:

  • Major Ancient Crown Boxes: Upon opening, players can obtain 3 Major Ancient Crowns.
  • Emotion and Title Cards: These cards unlock special emotes and bestow titles that increase various stats for three days.
  • Stigma Shards: Used to equip Stigma Stones.
  • Tiamat Painting Shards: Players can obtain one of Tiamat Painting Shards 1-8 by appraising a shard.

Chantra Dredgion Treasure Chest and Solorius Gift Box Daily Quests

Players can participate in daily quests from the Solorius Gift Box NPC in Sanctum and Pandaemonium to earn additional rewards, including:

  • Solorius Gift Box: Contains various items like Tiamat Painting Shards, Emergency Consumables Bundle, Brave Wyvern Candy Box, and a Superior Manastone Selection Bundle.
  • Solorius Punch, Torte, and Cookie: These items boost various stats for 30 minutes.

Reward Details

The Solorius Gift Box offers a chance to obtain items such as Lesser and Regular Tiamat Painting Shards, Emergency Consumables Bundle, Brave Wyvern Candy, and a Level 60 Superior Manastone Selection Bundle.

Emergency Consumables Bundle

This bundle allows players to choose from items like Fine Power Shard Gift Box, Recovery Crystals, Tombstones of Revival, Stigma Shards, Fine Recovery Potions, and Administrator's Boon.

Christmas Special Survey

In addition to gift boxes, a Special Survey will be sent out, containing a Fine Tiamat Painting Shard and a Solorius Headgear Selection Box. Players can choose from various headgear options, equippable from level 55.

Solorius Headgear Selection Box

The selection box includes festive headgear options like the Solorius Bandana, Hat, Chain Helm, and Helm, adding a festive touch to characters' appearances.


The Winter Holiday Celebration Part 2 in Aion Classic is a delightful way for players to celebrate the season with a range of festive rewards. From gift boxes filled with valuable items to daily quests offering unique rewards, this event is sure to bring joy and excitement to the Aion community. Players are encouraged to participate and make the most of these festive offerings as they enjoy the holiday season in the world of Aion.

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