Friday, December 22, 2023

Aion Retail's Winter Holiday Festival Part 2 Brings Festive Cheer with Exciting Rewards

Aion Retail continues its Winter Holiday Festival with Part 2, offering players a variety of festive activities and rewards. Running from December 19th to January 9th, this event is open to players level 81 and above, featuring unique quests to collect Tree Ornaments and Pine Trees for assembling Solorius Trees.

Collecting [Event] Tree Ornaments and Pine Trees

  • [Event] Tree Ornament: Players can claim a daily quest from NPC Tarandax in each faction's Apsaranta Garrisons. By defeating event monsters in Apsaranta and completing the quest, players can acquire [Event] Tree Ornaments to decorate their Solorius Tree.
    • Rewards: [Event] Tree Ornament x 5
  • [Event] Pine Tree: Completing Apsaranta Legion Quests a certain number of times makes players eligible for a Dispatch Quest. Successful completion of these Dispatch Quests rewards players with [Event] Pine Trees.
    • Rewards: [Event] Pine Tree x 5

Assembling the Solorius Tree and Redeeming Rewards

Once players have collected [Event] Tree Ornaments and [Event] Pine Trees, they can assemble the [Event] Solorius Tree. This tree can then be used to exchange for various items through NPC Chrissy, located in Inggison and Gelkmaros.

Reward Details

Players can use the [Event] Solorius Tree to redeem the following items:

  • [Event] Solorius Weapon Selection Box: 1 for 30 [Event] Solorius Trees (limit 1/week)
  • [Event] Animal Parka Selection Box: 1 for 15 [Event] Solorius Trees (limit 3/week)
  • Empyrean Lord's Holy Water: 1 for 5 [Event] Solorius Trees (limit 5/week)
  • [Event] Oath Tablet (7 days): 1 for 15 [Event] Solorius Trees (limit 1/week)
  • [Event] Prime Runestone Shard Bundle (Contains 10): 1 for 20 [Event] Solorius Trees (limit 2/week)


The Winter Holiday Festival Part 2 in Aion Retail offers players an engaging way to celebrate the holiday season in the world of Atreia. With a variety of activities and rewards, the festival provides a perfect way for the Aion community to enjoy the festive season while earning unique rewards. Players are encouraged to participate in the festivities, collect ornaments and pine trees, and make the most of the seasonal offerings.

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