Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Aion Online Rolls Out Beginner's Special Package for January 2024

Aion Online, the popular MMORPG known for its breathtaking world of Atreia, has announced an exciting new offer for its players, especially targeting those who are just starting their journey in this mystical realm. The game's community team has put together a Beginner's Special Package, available from January 16 to February 13, 2024. This package is tailored to provide robust support for new Daevas (players) as they embark on their adventures in Atreia.

What’s in the Beginner's Special Package?

The Beginner's Special Package includes a variety of items designed to give new players a head start in the game. Here's a breakdown of what's included:

  1. Novice's Equipment Package I: This package offers a selection of Lv35, Lv45, and Lv55 Fabled Armor Support Boxes, from which players can obtain Dauntless Adventurer’s Armor Sets, Valiant Adventurer’s Armor Sets, and Cool-Headed Adventurer’s Armor Sets of their choice. It also includes a Lv55 Fabled Weapon Support Box for a Cool-Headed Adventurer’s Weapon.
  2. Novice's Stigma Package I: This package contains a variety of Normal, Greater, Heroic, and Fabled Stigma Boxes, as well as 10,000 Event Stigma Shards. These boxes cover a range of levels from 20 to 55, providing new players with a significant boost in their early gameplay.
  3. Novice’s Outfit Selection Box: Players can choose from the [Event] I-Am-Yours Matching T-Shirt, [Event] Mischievous Whale Costume, or [Event] Neat School Uniform. These outfits add a stylish flair to players' characters.
  4. [Event] Tempus Time Scroll: An additional item that provides various gameplay benefits.
  5. Cool-Headed Adventurer's Accessory Package: Players can choose between the Physical or Magic packages, each containing a full set of accessories including a belt, earrings, rings, and a necklace.
Beginner's Special Package

Price and Availability

The Beginner's Special Package is priced at 990 Quna and will be available until February 13, 2024. This makes it an affordable and valuable addition for new players looking to enhance their experience in Aion Online.

Conclusion: A Great Start for New Players

The Beginner's Special Package from Aion Online is a thoughtful and beneficial offering for new players. By providing essential gear, costumes, and stigmas right from the start, it ensures that newcomers have everything they need to enjoy their initial forays into the game. With this package, Aion Online continues to show its commitment to welcoming and supporting its player community, making the mystical world of Atreia more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

For more information and to take advantage of this offer, visit Aion Online's official website.

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