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Aion Classic's Sweet Chocolate Scattered in Atreia: A Delicious February 2024 Event

This February, Aion Classic invites players to indulge in a sweet adventure with the "Sweet Chocolate Scattered in Atreia" event, running from February 20 to March 5. As Valentine's Day approaches, the lands of Atreia are sprinkled with delicious chocolates, offering Daevas a unique opportunity to gather these treats and exchange them for special rewards.

Valentine’s Day Weapons: A Chocolate Quest

The event centers around the Silentera Canyon, where NPC Chocoming has a special task for adventurers. Daevas are tasked with collecting chocolate pieces that have mysteriously fallen across the canyon. By accepting quests from Chocoming, players will embark on a journey to defeat monsters in the area and gather these sweet tokens. Successful chocolate hunters will be rewarded with an [Event] Valentine's Weapon Select Box, containing a chocolate-covered weapon to wield in battle.

Party play is highly encouraged during this event, as joining forces with fellow Daevas not only makes the chocolate hunt more enjoyable but also significantly speeds up the collection process. This collaborative aspect adds a layer of strategy and camaraderie to the event, enhancing the overall experience.

Chocolate Towers in the Battlefield

The sweet surprises continue in the heart of Chantra Dredgion, where two types of Chocolate Towers will appear: the Sweet Chocolate Tower and the Slightly Sweet Chocolate Tower. Destroying these towers will reward players with a variety of relics and other valuable items. This presents a thrilling challenge for parties to work together, roll the dice, and potentially secure even more rewards.

Additionally, players should keep an eye out for the Dimensional Chocolate Tower located in the Control Room. Taking down this tower offers the chance to earn extra points, adding another layer of excitement to the event.

Conclusion: A Sweet Adventure Awaits

The "Sweet Chocolate Scattered in Atreia" event is a delightful way for Aion Classic players to celebrate the season of love while engaging in the game's rich, immersive world. With unique challenges, collaborative gameplay, and the promise of sweet rewards, this event is sure to bring joy and excitement to the Aion Classic community.

As the event period draws near, prepare to join forces with your fellow Daevas, embark on a chocolate-filled adventure, and make this Valentine's season in Atreia one to remember.

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