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Aion Classic Introduces Tartarus: A Deep Dive into the New Dungeon


Aion Classic has unveiled Tartarus, a thrilling new dungeon that promises to challenge Daevas with its depth and complexity. As part of the game's continuous expansion, Tartarus offers a unique blend of strategy, teamwork, and combat prowess, set against the backdrop of the game's rich lore. Here's everything you need to know about venturing into the depths of Tartarus and claiming its bountiful relics.

Entering Tartarus

Tartarus becomes accessible when a faction successfully occupies Apheta Beluslan Fortress, granting entrance to the occupying faction. However, the faction that does not hold the fortress can still gain entry by purchasing Time Shards. The dungeon, designed for groups of 2 to 6 players aged 58 and above, can be entered once per week, ensuring that each foray into its depths is a significant event.

The Journey Through Tartarus

The dungeon is divided into two main sections: before and after the sealed passage to the Underground Prison. To advance, players must navigate through the Dungeon Control Chamber and Sealing Device Control Room, reaching the Tartarus Entrance that leads deeper into the dungeon. This journey is fraught with challenges, including encounters with Vasuki Lifespark, an entity that seeks to hinder Daevas' progress. Additionally, players can gather [Condensed Traces of Time] scattered throughout the dungeon for a chance to acquire valuable Traces of Time and Bonus Chest Keys.

Overcoming Obstacles

The first major challenge in Tartarus involves destroying four Seal Generators to pass the sealed Tartarus Entrance. Upon defeating the NPC Gatekeeper Melkennis, players are rewarded with six Relics Reward Chests, with each party member receiving a key to unlock a chest filled with Ancient Relics.

The adventure continues as players navigate through the Ashulagens-infested passage, with the goal of reaching the underground. Informer Ashulagens pose a unique threat, exploding upon contact, but must be eliminated to progress. Defeating six Informer Ashulagens summons Paruam Sealguard, whose defeat yields additional Relics Reward Chests.

The Final Confrontation

The journey culminates at the Sealed Area of Tartarus, where players face the final NPC, Low-End Phaistos, in a room adorned with giant face-shaped Gargoyle statues. Successfully defeating Low-End Phaistos rewards players with two Large Relics Reward Chests and one Locked Relics Reward Chest, the latter of which can be opened with a key obtained through gathering.

Tartarus Main Rewards

The main rewards in Tartarus include Relics and Relics Reward Chests, obtained from defeating Vasuki Lifespark, Paruam Sealguard, and Low-End Phaistos. These rewards are essential for enhancing players' gear and abilities, making each successful run through Tartarus a significant boost to a Daeva's arsenal.

Tips for Success

To maximize the chances of success in Tartarus, players are advised to enable 'Option – Graphics – Effects Display - All' in the game settings. This ensures that all skills of the named NPCs are visible, allowing for better strategic planning and execution of combat tactics.


Tartarus adds a new layer of depth and excitement to Aion Classic, challenging players to band together, strategize, and overcome formidable obstacles for the chance to claim powerful relics. As Daevas prepare to delve into the depths of Tartarus, the anticipation for the rewards and challenges that lie ahead is palpable. Prepare your party, sharpen your weapons, and step into the depths of Tartarus for an adventure like no other in Aion Classic.

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