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Conquering the Wall of Lament: A Comprehensive Guide to Aion Classic's Daunting Dungeon

Aion Classic introduces the Wall of Lament, a formidable 4-person dungeon designed for Daevas level 58 and above. Known for its challenging gameplay and the promise of the strongest PvE weapons, the Wall of Lament demands excellent teamwork and strategic prowess. Here's everything you need to know to navigate this instance and claim victory over Tragic Samael.

Entry Requirements and Conditions

The Wall of Lament is accessible once per week and requires a party of four. Entry is contingent upon the occupation of the Apheta Beluslan Fortress:

  • For the Occupying Faction: Entrance is located inside the fortress.
  • For the Non-occupying Faction: Entry tickets must be purchased from NPCs Tikenerk (Elyos) or Tikeyerk (Asmodians), found at specific locations before entering from Battleships.

Navigating the Dungeon

The dungeon's linear map leads players down the Mixed Time Path, culminating in a battle against Tragic Samael. A barrier forms upon the attack's initiation, preventing retreat. Inside the Wall of Lament, certain skills, including Summon/Resurrect and Summon Spiritmaster Skills, are disabled, adding an extra layer of challenge.

The Battle Against Tragic Samael

Tragic Samael, the dungeon's final boss, employs a variety of powerful skills that require keen attention and coordination among party members. Given the limited number of attempts and the disabling of key skills, success hinges on effective teamwork and the ability to adapt to Samael's attack patterns.

Tips for Success

To ensure visibility of all of Tragic Samael's skills, it's recommended to enable 'Option – Graphics – Effects Display – All' in the game settings. This adjustment can be crucial for anticipating and countering the boss's moves.

Main Rewards

Victory over Tragic Samael yields an array of coveted rewards, including:

  • Tragic Legion Commander Weapons: A selection of weapons tailored for various classes.
  • Tragic Legion Commander Armor Sets: Complete sets for cloth, leather, chain, and plate wearers.
  • Tragic Legion Commander Accessories: Including the Corundum and Turquoise Rings.
  • Forgotten Skillbook Page: A rare item that can enhance your character's abilities.

Additional armor pieces, such as pauldrons, gloves, and shoes, can be obtained from Telos of the Forgotten.


The Wall of Lament stands as a testament to Aion Classic's commitment to providing challenging and rewarding content for its players. With the right team, strategy, and preparation, Daevas can 

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