Thursday, March 21, 2024

Aion Classic Rolls Out the "DOMINANCE Manastone Bundle" to Empower Players

Aion Classic is celebrating its latest update, DOMINANCE, with a special promotion that's set to significantly enhance player power on the battlefield. From March 19 through April 2, the DOMINANCE Manastone Bundle will be available, offering players an opportunity to stock up on Manastones, essential items for boosting character stats and performance.

Unleashing the Power of Manastones

The centerpiece of this promotion is the Brilliant Manastone Bundle, priced at 550 Quna, which includes the Special Event Manastone Box. This box is a treasure trove of potential, containing between 16 to 100 [Event] Brilliant Manastone Box II, each packed with a selection of Manastones that cater to various player needs and strategies.

Upon purchasing the Brilliant Manastone Bundle, players will also receive 1 x [Event] Lucky Mark. Collecting three of these marks unlocks the chance to obtain 1 to 5 [Event] Brilliant Gemstone Selection Box II, further enhancing the value of this promotion.

Choose Your Boost

The [Event] Brilliant Manastone Box II allows players to select from an array of Manastones, each offering different stat boosts:

  • Attack +5
  • Crit Strike +17
  • Resist Magic +14
  • Magic Accuracy +14
  • Block +27
  • Healing Boost +3
  • Magic Boost +27
  • Accuracy +27

This selection ensures that players can tailor their character enhancements to fit their playstyle, whether they're focusing on damage output, survivability, or support roles.

No Limits, More Opportunities

Notably, there are no purchase limits on the Brilliant Manastone Bundle, allowing players to take full advantage of this promotion to maximize their character's potential. The sale ends on April 2, giving players a limited window to make their purchases and start dominating the battlefield with enhanced stats.


The DOMINANCE Manastone Bundle is a timely promotion that aligns with the release of the DOMINANCE update, providing Aion Classic players with a significant power boost. By offering a wide selection of Manastones and the chance to obtain additional gemstone boxes, this promotion is an excellent opportunity for players to enhance their characters and gain an edge in combat. Whether you're battling against the Balaur or competing against fellow Daevas, the DOMINANCE Manastone Bundle is your ticket to a more powerful and dominant presence in Aion Classic.

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