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Aion Classic Celebrates the DOMINANCE Update with Exclusive Enchantment Stone Bundle

Aion Classic is rolling out the red carpet for its latest update, DOMINANCE, by offering players a special promotion that's hard to resist. From March 19 through April 2, Daevas have the unique opportunity to enhance their arsenal with the Dominance Enchantment Stone Bundle. This limited-time offer is designed to provide players with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their gear, ensuring they're ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead in the world of Atreia.

Unveiling the Dominance Enchantment Stone Bundle

The centerpiece of this promotion is the Shiny Enchantment Stone Selection Box, available for 2,300 Quna. Each box grants players the power to select from a variety of enchantment stones, each tailored to different levels of gear enhancement. Whether you're looking to boost a piece of armor or weapon, these enchantment stones are key to maximizing your character's performance in battle.

What's Inside the Shiny Enchantment Stone Selection Box?

Upon opening a Shiny Enchantment Stone Selection Box, players will be greeted with the choice of selecting one of the following options:

  • L91 Enchantment Stone: Receive 5 stones, allowing you to select from 1 of 4 options based on your enhancement needs.
  • L100 Enchantment Stone: Opt for 3 stones, designed for those looking to push their gear towards higher levels of power.
  • L105 Enchantment Stone: Choose 2 stones, perfect for fine-tuning and optimizing your equipment.
  • L110 Enchantment Stone: Select 1 stone, the pinnacle of enchantment for those seeking to dominate the battlefield.

Special Promotion: [Event] Lv110 Enchantment Stone

In addition to the selection boxes, Aion Classic is offering the [Event] Lv110 Enchantment Stone at a promotional price of 20 Quna. This incredible deal is limited to one purchase per week per account, making it an essential pick-up for players aiming to achieve peak performance. Available until April 2, this promotion is a cost-effective way to secure high-level enchantment stones.

Celebrate DOMINANCE with Enhanced Gear

The DOMINANCE update brings with it a host of new challenges and adventures, and there's no better way to prepare than by ensuring your gear is up to the task. The Dominance Enchantment Stone Bundle offers a straightforward path to enhancing your equipment, providing both flexibility and power in a single package.

Act Fast: Limited Time Offer

Remember, the Dominance Enchantment Stone Bundle is only available until April 2. Don't miss your chance to stock up on these valuable enchantment stones and take your place among Atreia's most formidable Daevas. Whether you're battling against the Balaur or competing against fellow players, these enchantment stones are your key to achieving dominance in Aion Classic.

As the DOMINANCE update unfolds, players equipped with the right enchantment stones will find themselves at an advantage, ready to explore new content and conquer new challenges. Make sure you're among them by taking advantage of this exclusive promotion before it's too late.

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