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Dive Into Aion Classic's Daeva Pass Season 35: Rewards, Premium Gifts, and More!


Aion Classic has officially launched Season 35 of the Daeva Pass, running from March 19 to April 16, promising a treasure trove of rewards and exclusive benefits for Daevas and their legions. With the season ending on April 14, players have a limited time to maximize their gains and elevate their gameplay experience. Priced at 600 Quna, the Daeva Pass offers an array of free and premium rewards, including cosmetics, character buffs, and unique items designed to enhance your journey in Atreia.

Legion Rewards and Premium Gift Bundle

One of the highlights of Season 35 is the Legion Reward system, which grants additional rewards to all legion members when a player unlocks the Daeva Pass Premium. These rewards are sent via mail immediately upon unlocking and include a chance to obtain a new motion card or a Legion Production Mark among other items. The Daeva Pass Premium Gift Box V, available for all legion members, features an assortment of valuable items, ensuring that the entire legion benefits from the premium upgrade.

A Bounty of Rewards

Season 35's Daeva Pass is packed with both free and premium rewards, catering to a wide range of player needs and preferences:

  • Lockbox Keys: Players can unlock [Event] Mysterious Lockbox Key (100) and [Event] Brilliant Lockbox Key (50) for premium rewards.
  • Enchantment Stones: Premium rewards include [Event] Brilliant Enchantment Stone Box (9) and [Event] Golden Enchantment Stone Box (4).
  • Dyes: A selection of dyes is available, with the Premium Dye Selection Box offering choices like Punky Pink, Pastel Orange, Sky Blue, and more.
  • Pets: Premium rewards feature the Shugo Lad Egg and [Event] Mini Acarun Egg, each offering unique benefits.
  • Cosmetics: The Athleisure Look Set, including the Athleisure Look and Athleisure Cap, is part of the premium rewards, alongside motion cards for added flair.
  • Supplements: Premium players can unlock [Event] Lesser Supplements (Fabled) Box (200) and [Event] Lesser Supplements (Eternal) Box (400).
  • Titles: Premium rewards include the [Title Card] Dashing Daeva – 30-day pass, offering boosts to movement speed, attack power, magic boost, and PVP attack.

Level Up Your Daeva Pass

Players who unlocked the premium tier in the previous season can enjoy a level jump of 6 in Season 35, giving them a head start on their journey to maximizing rewards. With a maximum pass level of 36, Daevas have ample opportunity to unlock a wealth of items and enhancements.


Season 35 of the Daeva Pass in Aion Classic offers an exciting opportunity for players to enrich their gaming experience with a plethora of rewards. Whether you're part of a legion looking to benefit from premium gifts or an individual player aiming to enhance your character's abilities and appearance, the Daeva Pass has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this limited-time event—dive into Aion Classic and take your play to the next level before the season ends on April 14.

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