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Aion brings more than just fair weather; it ushers in a vibrant festival full of color and excitement—the Spring Blossom Flower Event. This April, the lands of Atreia are alive not only with the chirping of birds but also with the bustling activity of Daevas participating in various seasonal events, offering both fun and fabulous rewards.

A Festival of Flowers and Challenges

The core of the Spring Blossom Flower Event lies in its interactive and engaging activities that cater to all players, from novices to veterans. Participants can immerse themselves in a world where the traditional tranquility of spring is turned on its head with the invasion of Naughty Flowers. These aren't your garden variety blooms; these flowers bring a twist to the pastoral peace of the season.

Players will find themselves battling these Naughty Flowers across the regions of Inggison and Gelkmaros. Each successful battle not only pushes back the floral menace but also rewards players with Paper Flowers. These can be collected and used as a currency to obtain various in-game items and bonuses.

Dual Phases of Engagement

The event operates on a daily cycle where players can engage in battles against these peculiar flowers. Additionally, special timed events add an extra layer of challenge and reward. During specific hours, the formidable Flower Boss Monastera emerges, offering high stakes and high rewards for the top contributors in her downfall. This phase encourages team play and strategic planning to maximize gains from the event.

Rewards to Earn

The rewards for participating in the Spring Blossom Flower Event are as enticing as the event itself. Players can exchange their Paper Flowers for a wide array of items, including transformation contracts, high-grade gear, and cosmetic items, adding both utility and flair to their gaming experience.


The Spring Blossom Flower Event in Aion is a celebration of spring's beauty and the communal spirit of its player base. It combines the thematic elements of the season with the interactive dynamics of the game, making it a must-participate event for everyone in the world of Aion. Whether you're in it for the competition or the cosmetics, the Spring Blossom Flower Event promises a delightful array of activities and rewards that epitomize the vibrancy of spring in Atreia.

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