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Aion Classic Celebrates Spring with Padmarashka's Candy Tree Event

Aion Classic invites players to welcome spring with its enchanting seasonal event, Padmarashka's Candy Tree. Scheduled for April 2024, this event promises a delightful mix of challenges and rewards, offering players a chance to engage in unique activities and enhance their Aion experience. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this sweet-themed event.

Event Overview

Padmarashka's Candy Tree event transforms parts of Atreia into a vibrant celebration of spring and confectionery delights. During this event, players can participate in special quests and activities centered around the mythical Candy Tree, a magical entity that appears once a year to spread joy and gifts.

Duration of the Event

  • Start Date: April 1, 2024
  • End Date: April 30, 2024

Key Locations

  • Sanctum and Pandaemonium: Both capitals will host the Candy Trees, where most event activities will take place.

Participating in the Event

Engaging in the Padmarashka's Candy Tree event is straightforward but requires players to follow a few steps to fully enjoy the festivities.

How to Get Started

  • Visit the Capital Cities: Players must visit either Sanctum or Pandaemonium to find the Candy Tree and nearby event NPCs.
  • Accept Event Quests: NPCs around the Candy Trees will offer daily and weekly quests that players can complete to earn special event currency and items.

Event Activities

The Padmarashka's Candy Tree event includes a variety of activities designed to suit all types of players, from solo adventurers to group enthusiasts.

Candy Collection

  • Collecting Candy Drops: Monsters throughout Atreia will drop special candies during the event period. These candies can be collected and exchanged for rewards.
  • Daily Quests: Complete daily quests involving gathering and crafting tasks related to candies for extra rewards.

Candy Tree Caretaking

  • Tree Nourishment: Players can contribute candies to nourish the Candy Tree in their respective capital cities. Successfully nourishing the tree unlocks community rewards and boosts for all participants.


Participating in the Padmarashka's Candy Tree event not only provides fun and community engagement but also offers a variety of exclusive rewards.

Exclusive Items

  • Cosmetic Skins: Unique spring-themed skins and costumes.
  • Mounts and Pets: Special edition mounts and pets themed around sweets and spring.
  • Crafting Materials: Rare materials for crafting powerful gear and consumables.


  • Special Event Achievements: Earn unique achievements by participating in various event activities, enhancing your character's reputation and achievements collection.


The Padmarashka's Candy Tree event in Aion Classic is a fantastic opportunity for players to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and festivities. By participating in the event, players can collect unique items, bond with the community, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of spring in Atreia. Don’t miss out on the fun and the chance to make your spring season in Aion Classic truly memorable!

FAQs About the Padmarashka's Candy Tree Event

  1. Where can I find the Candy Tree in my capital city?
    • The Candy Tree and event NPCs are located near the central plazas of Sanctum and Pandaemonium.
  2. Can I participate in the event after it has started?
    • Yes, you can join the event at any time during the month of April, but the sooner you start, the more rewards you can earn.
  3. Are there any level restrictions for participating in the event?
    • There are no specific level restrictions, though some quests might be easier for higher-level players.
  4. How can I maximize my rewards during the event?
    • Participate daily to complete all available quests and contribute to the Candy Tree nourishment regularly to gain community rewards.
  5. What happens if we fail to nourish the Candy Tree adequately?
    • If the community does not contribute enough candies, the full potential of the tree’s rewards might not be unlocked, affecting the bonuses received.

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