Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Aion Classic: Go for the Tragic Legion Commander's Armor

In April 2024, Aion Classic players can embark on a thrilling new adventure aimed at collecting the prestigious Tragic Legion Commander's Armor. This event, forming part of the game's ongoing commitment to providing exciting seasonal content, encourages players to engage in high-level dungeons and competitive events.

Introduction to the Event

The "Go for the Tragic Legion Commander's Armor" event is a limited-time opportunity running through April. Players are invited to explore the Wall of Lament, a new dungeon designed to test the prowess of the most seasoned players. The dungeon is recognized for its difficulty but rewards success with high-value items, including the coveted Tragic Legion Commander's Armor.

The Wall of Lament Dungeon

The Wall of Lament stands as the centerpiece of this event. A group of four players can take on the dungeon's challenges, which demand excellent coordination and strategy. The dungeon culminates in a battle against Tragic Samael, a formidable boss whose defeat is key to claiming the top prizes.

Event Rewards

The rewards are substantial, aligning with the effort required to conquer such a challenging dungeon. The first three groups to successfully navigate the Wall of Lament and defeat Tragic Samael will receive tiered rewards. The very first group to accomplish this feat will earn the [Event] Tragic Legion Commander Weapon Selection Box, a 100,000,000 Kinah Bundle, and Forgotten Skillbook Pages.

Community Engagement and Video Submissions

Adding a community aspect to the event, Aion Classic also encourages players to create and submit video guides for defeating Tragic Samael. These submissions must be original and display strategic gameplay. Successful entries will help others navigate the dungeon more effectively and are also eligible for additional rewards like the [Event] Instance Dungeon Time Scroll and more Forgotten Skillbook Pages.


This event not only adds exciting content for players but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration through its video guide contest. It's an excellent opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills, help fellow gamers, and earn some of the most powerful items in Aion Classic.

For more details on the event, participants can visit the official Aion Classic website​ (Aion: Official Site)​.

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