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Aion Retail Springs into Action with Exciting Spring Breeze Candy Event


This April, Aion Retail is sweetening the deal for Daevas with the introduction of the Exciting Spring Breeze Candy event, running from April 2nd to April 16th. In a delightful twist, Candy Fairies have swooped in and made off with a stash of special candies prepared for all Daevas. The call to action is clear: hunt down these mischievous Candy Fairies, reclaim the stolen candies, and watch out for the opposing faction that's out to snag all the sweets for themselves.

How to Join the Festivities

  1. Starting the Quest: The adventure begins by speaking to NPC Abby, who will set you on your quest to track down and hunt Candy Fairies (Bogoring).
  2. The Hunt: After accepting Abby's quest, venture into the wild to find and defeat Candy Fairies, reclaiming the Small Pieces of Candy they've taken.
  3. Reaping the Rewards: Once you've collected the candies, return to NPC Abby to claim your [Event] Small Candy Pieces. These can be exchanged for various items via NPC Sweetie, including [Event] Stigma Enchantment Stones, [Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star, and more.
  4. For Those Who Crave More: If small candies don't quite satisfy your sweet tooth, delve into Instance Dungeons for materials to secure better items. Combine a Small Candy Piece with the "Burning Heart" acquired in dungeons to get an [Event] Big Candy Piece, which can be traded for more valuable rewards through NPC Sweenie.

Sweet Rewards Await

The event offers an array of tempting rewards, from enchantment stones to selection boxes containing powerful weapons and armor. For those who venture further, combining Small Candy Pieces with Burning Hearts from Instance Dungeons like Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard) and Primeth's Forge (Hard) opens up the possibility to claim even more coveted prizes. These include the [Event] Oath Tablet, Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone, and the [Event] Ultimate Sovereign's Armor Selection Box, among others.

A Battle of Wits and Will

But it's not just the Candy Fairies Daevas need to worry about. The opposing faction is also on the hunt for these sweet treasures, turning this event into a thrilling race. Will you outsmart and outfight them to collect the most candies, or will they sweep the sugary spoils from under your nose?

Conclusion: A Sweet Adventure Awaits

The Exciting Spring Breeze Candy event is more than just a quest for treats; it's a call to adventure, strategy, and competition. As Daevas across Atreia engage in this sugary scramble, the spirit of spring is truly in the air, bringing with it a sense of renewal and excitement. So, ready your weapons, strategize with your allies, and may the sweetest Daeva win. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to add some flavor to your Aion Retail experience this April!

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