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Aion Retail Ushers in Spring with the Enchanting Sweet Dream Bundle


As the season of renewal blooms across Atreia, Aion Retail invites its Daevas to indulge in the essence of spring with the introduction of the Sweet Dream Bundle. Available from April 2nd to April 16th, this special promotion is designed to enrich your gaming experience, offering a carefully curated selection of items that promise to enhance your adventures and bring your dreams to life.

The Essence of Spring in a Bundle

Spring's arrival brings with it the promise of warm weather, gentle breezes, and the perfect setting for peaceful naps under the sun. In celebration of this delightful season, Aion Retail has crafted the Sweet Dream Bundle, a package brimming with items that encapsulate the spirit of spring. This bundle is not just about enhancing your gameplay; it's about adding a touch of serenity and joy to your journey through Atreia.

Sweet Dream Bundle Contents

For $40 or 4,000 NCoin, players can acquire the Sweet Dream Bundle, which includes an array of valuable items, limited to three purchases per account. The bundle features:

  • [BCM] Prime Runestone Shard Box (Contains 50): Two boxes are included, offering a significant boost to your character's capabilities.
  • [BCM] Dazzling Gemstone Selection Box: Three boxes to enhance your gear with sparkling gemstones.
  • Daevanion Essence: Five essences to empower your Daevanion skills.
  • [BCM] Refining Stone/Sanctity Potion Selection Box: Five boxes providing essential items for refining and sanctification.
  • Wardrobe Slot Expansion Ticket: Three tickets to expand your wardrobe, allowing for greater customization and storage.

An Additional One-Time Bonus

To sweeten the deal, Aion Retail is offering an additional bonus package on your first purchase of the Sweet Dream Bundle. Delivered directly to your Express Mail, this one-time bonus per account includes:

  • Prime Runestone Selection Box: Choose from a variety of powerful Runestones to enhance your character's abilities.
  • [BCM] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types): Transform and gain the powers of legendary beings.
  • Grade S Minion Contract Box (10 types): Summon powerful minions to aid you in battle.
  • Socket Reset Stone (x100): Reset and customize your gear's socketed enhancements.
  • Ultimate Breath of Transformation: A rare item to further your transformation capabilities.

Conclusion: Dream Big This Spring

The Sweet Dream Bundle is Aion Retail's invitation to embrace the beauty and potential of spring. With its thoughtful selection of items, this bundle offers players the chance to enhance their gameplay significantly while enjoying the thematic joy of the season. Whether you're looking to boost your character's power, expand your wardrobe, or simply indulge in the fantasy of Aion Retail, the Sweet Dream Bundle is a perfect choice.

As the promotion runs from April 2nd to April 16th, players are encouraged to act quickly to seize this opportunity. Let the Sweet Dream Bundle be the wind beneath your wings this spring, guiding you to new heights and adventures in the enchanting world of Atreia.

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