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Aion Retail's Spring Breeze Bundle: Embrace the Season in Style!


Spring is in the air in Aion Retail, and to mark the season of renewal, the game is offering an exclusive Spring Breeze Bundle for its players. Available for a limited time in April 2024, this special bundle packs a variety of themed items designed to enhance both the aesthetics and the utility of your gaming experience. Here’s what you need to know about the Spring Breeze Bundle and how you can make the most of these delightful seasonal offerings.

What is the Spring Breeze Bundle?

The Spring Breeze Bundle is a carefully curated collection of items that players can purchase during the spring season. It includes cosmetics, consumables, and other unique items that not only commemorate the season but also provide functional benefits to enhance gameplay.

Bundle Contents

  • Spring Breeze Wings: A pair of beautifully designed wings that echo the vibrant colors of spring.
  • Floral Armor Skin: An exclusive armor skin that features bright floral patterns, perfect for the season.
  • Springtime Mount: A limited-edition mount that is both faster and more stylish than typical mounts.
  • Assorted Potions and Scrolls: Useful in-game consumables that can give players an edge in their adventures.


  • Start Date: April 1, 2024
  • End Date: April 30, 2024

How to Purchase the Spring Breeze Bundle

The Spring Breeze Bundle can be purchased directly through the in-game shop. Here’s how to access it:

Steps to Purchase

  1. Open the In-game Shop: Navigate to the shop icon on your game interface.
  2. Find the Spring Breeze Bundle: Look for the seasonal section or search directly for the Spring Breeze Bundle.
  3. Purchase the Bundle: Use your Aion coins or other in-game currency to purchase the bundle.


The Spring Breeze Bundle is priced to offer value while making it accessible to a broad range of players. Check the in-game shop for exact pricing and potential discount offers.

Benefits of the Spring Breeze Bundle

Purchasing the Spring Breeze Bundle offers several benefits:

Enhanced Gameplay

  • Increased Mobility: The Springtime Mount offers increased speed, allowing players to traverse the game world more quickly.
  • Combat Effectiveness: Potions and scrolls included in the bundle can enhance your abilities in combat, making it easier to tackle tough challenges.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Seasonal Flair: The Spring Breeze Wings and Floral Armor Skin allow players to celebrate the season within the game, adding a fun and festive element to your character’s appearance.


Aion Retail's Spring Breeze Bundle is a fantastic way to celebrate the season of spring within the game. With a mix of aesthetic enhancements and practical items, the bundle offers something for everyone, from the fashion-conscious player to the strategic gamer. Be sure to grab yours before the end of April to enjoy the full benefits of spring in Atreia!

FAQs About the Spring Breeze Bundle

  1. Can I gift the Spring Breeze Bundle to another player?
    • Yes, the bundle can be purchased as a gift for other players through the in-game gifting system.
  2. Are the items in the Spring Breeze Bundle tradable?
    • The consumables are generally tradable, but the cosmetic items like wings and skins are bound to the account to prevent resale.
  3. What if I miss the April deadline to purchase the bundle?
    • The Spring Breeze Bundle is a seasonal offer and won’t be available after April, so make sure to purchase it before the end date.
  4. Is there customer support if I encounter issues purchasing the bundle?
    • Yes, Aion Retail provides customer support for any purchase-related issues. You can contact support through the game’s help center.

Celebrate the season with style and substance by grabbing the Spring Breeze Bundle and make your experience in Aion Retail this spring unforgettable!

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