Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Mastering Aion Retail: Daeva Pass Season 21 Overview


Aion Retail introduces Daeva Pass Season 21, a thrilling opportunity for players to engage with new content and reap exclusive rewards. Running from May 1 through May 29, 2024, this season offers both free and premium rewards that are sure to enhance the gaming experience.

What’s New in Season 21?

Daeva Pass Season 21, priced at 2240 Luna, has revamped its reward system to make gameplay more rewarding and exciting. Players can progress up to level 45, with each level offering unique rewards.

Premium vs. Free Rewards

The season distinguishes between free and premium rewards:

  • Free Rewards: Include Memory Shards and Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Boxes.
  • Premium Rewards: Feature new titles, Empyrean Lord's Holy Water, Wardrobe Coins, and a Scooter Box for 30 days.

Exclusive Seasonal Outfits and Items

Players can access distinctive outfits and items such as the Masquerade Set, Charming Devil Set, Rosy Bunny Set, and more. These are available for purchase using Costume Coins earned through gameplay.

Important Notes

Please note the start date adjustment; the season will begin on May 1, not April 30. This gives players one less day to complete the first weekly achievement.


Daeva Pass Season 21 invites all players to explore new challenges and rewards. With a mix of free and premium items, everyone has the chance to enhance their experience in the world of Aion.

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