Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Shugo Emperor's Vault: A Thrilling Event in Aion Retail


Aion Retail welcomes players to the Shugo Emperor's Vault, a dynamic event available from May 7 to May 28, 2024. Aimed at characters level 80 and above, this event promises thrilling challenges and rich rewards for those who dare to protect the vault.

Event Mechanics

Players will locate a secret passage in the capital cities, transforming into the mighty black ranger for the task. Each day, you can venture into the vault, where you have eight minutes to defeat as many monsters as possible. Your performance will earn you points, ranking you in one of several tiers, each providing a different number of Rusted Vault Keys.

Rewards System

Depending on your rank, you'll receive keys that unlock treasures within the vault. These treasures can yield [Event] Shugoling Gems, which are exchangeable for various valuable items such as:

  • Daevanion Essence
  • Ancient Refining Stones
  • Sanctity Potions
  • Manastone Selection Boxes

Each item has a weekly limit per player, making strategic planning a must.


The Shugo Emperor's Vault event not only provides an exciting way to enhance your character's capabilities but also enriches the community experience by bringing players together in a race against time for coveted rewards.

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