Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Aion Retail: Spring Breeze Transformation Event


Aion Retail's Spring Breeze Transformation event is a limited-time offer that brings a fresh wave of excitement with special transformation contracts available from May 7 to May 28, 2024. This event allows players to significantly boost their characters with powerful transformations.

Details of the Event

The event introduces various transformation contracts for purchase, including:

  • Greater Transformation Contracts (52 types): These contracts can summon transformations ranging from Greater to Ultimate levels, enhancing player abilities.
  • Special Grade Transformation Contracts (36 types): These offer Ancient to Ultimate transformations.
  • Ultimate Transformation Box (12 types): Contains one of twelve ultimate transformations, which can be re-rolled using Golden Keys.

Purchasing and Prices

Items are priced as follows:

  • Greater Transformation Contract: $10 each
  • Special Grade Transformation Contract: $15.50 each
  • Ultimate Transformation Box: $137.50 each, with up to five purchases per account
  • Golden Key: $100 each, with up to fifteen purchases per account

Unique Features

  • Re-rolling Mechanism: Players can use Golden Keys to re-roll transformations in the Ultimate Transformation Box, enhancing the flexibility in obtaining desired traits.


The Spring Breeze Transformation event in Aion Retail offers a unique opportunity for players to acquire and enhance powerful transformations, boosting their gameplay experience with tailored options.

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