Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aion patch 4.0 Artist: Class info

Yoohoo!! Here I’m… again! Now bringing some informations about the Artist and the secondary class Troubadour (Bard*).

Be aware: It’s a fan made translation, feel free to report any error.

- Artist
From all the classes in game, you will start as an primary class called Artist, when you reach level 9 and do the Ascension Quest from Pernos/Munin, you will automatically change to Troubadour.
Basic Stats ATK 95 / VIT 95 / HIT 100 / AGI 100 / WISDOM 100 / WILL 100
Primary Weapon Stringed Instruments
Basic Armor Cloth
Sub Class Troubadour

- Game Style
Has a stable fighting style, having good ranged magical attacks and at the same time recovery skills.

The delay skill is a little high, but can use the skill Sound of the Breeze I*, this skill has fast casting time (1s) and cool down (2s), causing 56 of wind damage

If in danger, the Artist can hypnotize and use Vast March*,putting the enemies to dance! Is like the Fear of Spiritmaster, put 6 enemies, in a range of 4m arround the caster, to Sleep for 5s, increased the enemy defense at same time. If you curious, it’s that Penguin dance…

The Artist also learn a skill called Variation of Battle*, its… uhm… I forgot the name… is a charge skill*…. that skills you can charge up to 3 times to increase the effect. If charged 3 times, this skill cause 239 of fire damage in a single enemy.

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