Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aion Guides - Newbie Guide On Setting Up The DPS Meter

This is a basic guide on how to set up the ACT DPS Meter for Aion.

To install the DPS Meter, follow this guide: Damage Parsing in Aion - Once you've done everything there, follow these steps to set it up for in game:

*Please note the program was originally made for another game, the options I'm showing here are selected for a reason, other ones may not work*
  • First select the "Table Setup" tab and choose whatever options you want (remember the chat window is only so wide, so don't choose too many if you want to post it in game).

  • Go to the "Selective Parsing" tab and select "Only record combat actions taken by/against listed". Then manually add in the names of all your party members, including an entry called "You" for yourself. *Note - because the program was made for another game, healing done counts as damage, so if you want to have an option for Damage % Done, then do not add healers*

  • Next go to the "General Options" tab and select the "Ending Encounters" list. Set it to stop recording 1 second. This means if during a fight you go 1 second without attacking it will end that encounter and create a new one when you attack again. You can set it longer if you want it to be more precise for each mob fight, but that also means when the mob dies, it will record 0 damage for however many seconds you set the option at, so it will lower your dps significantly if you set it too high. *Choosing another option like "You gain experience" will not work*

  • Now to paste it in game, go to the Main tab, on the left hand side select "All" to get the average data for all encounters, right click anywhere on the main window and select "Copy as Formatted Plain Text".

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  • Now go in game, open up your macros and paste that text into a macro, then simply right click the macro. (Anything with a % attached to it won't show up, because that is an in game command, so for example I just erase DAMAGE% and replace it with PERCENT).

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