Saturday, October 8, 2011

Farming animal fossils in Haramel

I'm sure it's common knowledge now, but if you have a toon that's 18-22 you can kill the very last hamster boss before Haramel for an animal fossil. I dont even bother fighting the rest of the zone, I just train it.

When you get to that room with the wooden lift in it, you can jump over the railing of the ramp and glide over to one of the floors of the central lift, thereby dropping the first half of the instance. If you want, you can grab the lube and key off the mechanics and keymaster and open the rusty box -- sometimes you get a crit manastone out of the rusty box which, on my server at least, it worth a good amount and is good for new players.

Otherwise, I jump off the tower and glide into the hallway leading to the second half, past the fighters and farmers and onto the lift leading to the rock ledge. This may take some time, since once youre on this lift you can use skills but the stupid hamsters will still attack you as the lift ascends, but once the lift reaches the top the mobs reset.

From there I kill the jailor in the door blocking my way, then Boss Nunak-whatever its name is lol. I break his hammer for the enhancement and may or may not do Haramel depending on what I feel like, if I want more stuff for enhancement stones.

Just training like this doesn't give much xp and I have close to 30 animal fossils now. Can't trade em to a main but its great if youre part of a new guild thats working on building ap.

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