Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bug Items Value To Nothing

This is working on gamezaion so far so its going to work on most private servers but i doubt it will work on public servers here are the directions for how you can get it working.

  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. aion.bin
  3. go to shop (Crucible shop, Abyss Shop)
  4. Put one item in the first slot "just one"
  5. go to Cheat Engine "First scan number 1"
  6. add more one
  7. scan for "2"
  8. repeat it and when u got only one value is time for bug ^^

Part 2

1º Chante to "text"
2º and put this value FFFFFFFF F(if u get red number or big number, try use another value)
you got negative numbers and u can buy many things for nothing

You can bug others slots too.

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Anonymous said...

you cant change to text half way thru a scan, your instructions don't make sense!

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